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CompassRoseOk, I’ve spent a lot of time with these contest entries, and I’m ready to announce a winner: Miles Glauser for his submission of Old Man Milo, his ramshackle home, and his strange “fishing” boat. I picked this submission because there were a few details in the description of Milo and his backstory that I immediately knew I could incorporate into adventures I already have planned. It was like Miles designed an NPC that I didn’t know I needed to be designed! So you will be seeing Old Man Milo appearing in several future adventures.

HOWEVER! I received 5 entries into this contest, and I honestly loved all of them. I truly did have a very hard time picking a winner. Because of this, I will be including EVERYONE’S submissions in the Bayhaven Gazeteer, to be titled “Bayhaven: Port on the Bay.” And all four runners up will be receiving 3 free Adventures in Bayhaven (their choice), PLUS the first adventure that their NPC character or location appears in.

Here are the other entrants and their entries, in the order I remember receiving them:

  • Leah Hostetler – Bayhaven Bakery, whose owner is Leah Callemae, and her mischievous brother Tyler. Leah Callemae’s shop is very popular in Bayhaven, and she uses that popularity to stay on top of rumors and whisperings around town. Why? Well, she and Tyler may be involved in a secret organization…
  • Ivan and Daniel Castro – Don Pepito’s Weapons Store. Don Pepito dresses in a flamboyant feathered cape, and looks a little… bird-like. He also may or may not be the head of a secret organization.
  • James and Ethan Maxwell-Meyer – Bayhaven Center for Magical Pets run by siblings Sybil-Sage and Jayden. If you use the Hero Kids Pets expansion, you may be visiting this location a lot…
  • Will Vandervalk – Jackson King, and the crew of the Black Lotus, which is a river skiff that merchants hire to ferry their goods from Bayhaven to Rivenshore. Jackson King is well revered among the river skiff operators – he is the only one not afraid to sail the river at night ever since the hauntings started…

(Those of you that entered may see slight changes to your entries that I made to better integrate your characters or locations into what I have planned for Bayhaven. When your NPC’s appear in the adventures, I hope you’ll agree.)

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Bayhaven Contest Winner

    1. Brian Benoit Post author

      As of right now, I’m planning to bundle any adventures that make up a series (I have at least one 3-part series planned), but those will be bundled for convenience, not a discount.
      At the end of the year, I may bundle all 24 adventures into a “2015” bundle, but I haven’t even considered whether I’ll be discounting them or not. Too far off in the future at this point. I’m more focused on finishing the next adventure right now. :-)


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