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Bayhaven Review

EFG_Logo21-300x129There’s a nice review of Bayhaven over at Engaged Family Gaming.

“Real life is filled with so many things that eat away at your time that it can be tough to come up with missions for the players, ways to link them together, or places for them to explore.  Even a game as straightforward as Hero Kids requires time and creativity to set up new trials for the heroes.  Adventures in Bayhaven, by Roving Band of Misfits Press, takes care of some of that legwork for you, alleviating that stress with a series of new adventures, centered in the port city of Bayhaven.”

 Check it out! In celebration of our first review, I’ve posted two coupon codes over at Drive Thru RPG.

Click here for Caravan to Rivenshore for $1.99

Click here for Mystery of the Stolen Pendant for $1.99

These coupon codes expire May 27, 2015.

New Adventure in Bayhaven: A Simple Errand

BayHavenDTRPGthumbThis one falls into the “better late than never” category, as I actually released the adventure last week. It’s a fun linear plot that sends the kids all over town in search of “things that people need.”

I’m especially excited about this adventure because it features a full page color illustration by Wes Hall – there’s a sample after the jump

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New Adventure in Bayhaven: The Ringmaster’s Request

BayHavenDTRPGthumbThere’s a new Adventure in Bayhaven out! I apologize that it’s been a few weeks, but I’m in my “busy season” at work, so I haven’t had much time to write. Going forward, things should get back on schedule.

There’s a circus in town, and the kids get to explore the circus grounds, play some games, get their fortune, and check out some sideshows. But then, on their way home, the ringmaster stops them, and makes a request of them.

This adventure is unique because there are two distinct tracks. One for parties who accept the ringmaster’s request, and one for parties who decline it. And just in case you think you’re only really getting half an adventure, there are also ideas presented for using the “other half” of the adventure, by changing the premise and plot, but keeping the general mechanics.

This adventure introduces your kids to one of our contest winners: Bayhaven Center for Magical Pets, and its proprietors, Sybil-Sage and Jayden. It also introduces two new monsters – the shrike and the gromp, and for those of you collecting map fragments, there’s one in this adventure (IF your party chooses the right path!)

If you want a really cool mini for your gromp, you can get a dinosaur mini that looks a lot like a gromp at Amazon.

You can download The Ringmaster’s Request here.

Bayhaven Gazeteer

BayHavenDTRPGthumbThe Bayhaven Gazetteer is available for sale on Drive Thru RPG!

I’ve been hard at work cobbling together all my scattered notes and scraps of paper to tie them all together into one document. I feel it is important to note that the gazeteer is not finished yet. The price is currently set for what the gazetteer currently contains, and as I add more content (and artwork!), the price will increase. However, if you buy it now, all future updates will be free to you! That’s a great reason to grab it in its unfinished state.


As of right now, it includes:

  • A town map
  • 34 locations
  • 21 NPCs
  • 4 Optional Rules: Experience Tokens, Time Units, Inventory, and Apprenticeships for Heroes.
  • Also included are several hooks tied to locations and NPCs for GMs to use as a jumping off point to write their own Bayhaven adventures.

You can buy the Bayhaven gazetteer (Bayhaven: Port on the Bay) here.

New Adventure in Bayhaven: Escape From The Goblin Lair

BayHavenDTRPGthumbThe newest adventure is out! Titled “Escape From The Goblin Lair,” it railroads the party into being captured by a group of goblins in the forest, and then gives them a chance to escape their imprisonment before the goblin chief returns.

This adventure is probably most like Mines of Martek, so if your kids liked that adventure, they’ll most likely enjoy this one as well. The great thing about this adventure is it could be inserted as a “side quest” in any travel narrative for the kids – i.e., they get captured while travelling to or from somewhere.

It is a very non-linear, exploratory type adventure that doesn’t really have a plot, other than trying to escape. Hopefully, your kids will relish exploring the goblin lair, and also escape in time! There is some good treasure for the kids to find, and lots of sneaking around.

You can get the adventure here.

Adventures in Bayhaven Contest Winner

CompassRoseOk, I’ve spent a lot of time with these contest entries, and I’m ready to announce a winner: Miles Glauser for his submission of Old Man Milo, his ramshackle home, and his strange “fishing” boat. I picked this submission because there were a few details in the description of Milo and his backstory that I immediately knew I could incorporate into adventures I already have planned. It was like Miles designed an NPC that I didn’t know I needed to be designed! So you will be seeing Old Man Milo appearing in several future adventures.

HOWEVER! I received 5 entries into this contest, and I honestly loved all of them. I truly did have a very hard time picking a winner. Because of this, I will be including EVERYONE’S submissions in the Bayhaven Gazeteer, to be titled “Bayhaven: Port on the Bay.” And all four runners up will be receiving 3 free Adventures in Bayhaven (their choice), PLUS the first adventure that their NPC character or location appears in.

Here are the other entrants and their entries, in the order I remember receiving them:

  • Leah Hostetler – Bayhaven Bakery, whose owner is Leah Callemae, and her mischievous brother Tyler. Leah Callemae’s shop is very popular in Bayhaven, and she uses that popularity to stay on top of rumors and whisperings around town. Why? Well, she and Tyler may be involved in a secret organization…
  • Ivan and Daniel Castro – Don Pepito’s Weapons Store. Don Pepito dresses in a flamboyant feathered cape, and looks a little… bird-like. He also may or may not be the head of a secret organization.
  • James and Ethan Maxwell-Meyer – Bayhaven Center for Magical Pets run by siblings Sybil-Sage and Jayden. If you use the Hero Kids Pets expansion, you may be visiting this location a lot…
  • Will Vandervalk – Jackson King, and the crew of the Black Lotus, which is a river skiff that merchants hire to ferry their goods from Bayhaven to Rivenshore. Jackson King is well revered among the river skiff operators – he is the only one not afraid to sail the river at night ever since the hauntings started…

(Those of you that entered may see slight changes to your entries that I made to better integrate your characters or locations into what I have planned for Bayhaven. When your NPC’s appear in the adventures, I hope you’ll agree.)

New Adventure in Bayhaven: Mystery of the Stolen Pendant

BayHavenDTRPGthumbThe next Adventure in Bayhaven is here! In this one, the heroes are tasked with solving a mystery. Given a list of suspects, the kids have to go to some locations in town and look for clues. Each clue will eliminate a number of suspects until they are left with only one!

This adventure hands your players a fun (though simple) logic puzzle to solve, and includes some really cool art by Wes Hall that I teased last week. It also includes a piece of treasure for your players (so make sure you have the Hero Kids Equipment book!) and a super secret…thing…that your players may or may not find. Don’t worry, that last bit is not central to the adventure. So, what are you waiting for?

You can get “Mystery of the Stolen Pendant” here.

A Teaser for the next Adventure in Bayhaven

BayHavenDTRPGthumbI’m hoping to release the next Adventure in Bayhaven by the end of the week, or early next week. (The variable is Drive Thru RPG – they review every PDF for inappropriate content before it goes up for sale). It’s titled “The Mystery of the Stolen Pendant,” and it has the kids running around town, gathering clues, and eliminating suspects until only one remains! It’s got a couple of combats, but the fun part for the kids is being able to cross off suspects as clues rule them out.

Wes Hall has been hard at work drawing the suspects for this adventure, so I thought I’d share the preliminary sketch, as a fun teaser for the adventure. Click the jump to see it… Continue reading

New Adventure in Bayhaven: Caravan to Rivenshore

BayHavenDTRPGthumbThere’s a new Adventure in Bayhaven available today. The first in the series! The heroes are tasked with guarding a caravan travelling to Rivenshore. But not everything is easy on the road. You have to deal with wagon attacks, infighting, and natural disasters.

I chose this adventure to be my first release because it can be run as a caravan from Rivenshore to Bayhaven. In this way, your kids who have been adventuring in Rivenshore have a way of travelling to Bayhaven to begin adventuring there. If you do this, here’s a little background to insert into the adventure in place of what is already there:

“Hollistar is a linen merchant who has travelled from Bayhaven into the Druinhowe mountains. While there, he bought fine wool from the shepherds who tend their sheep in the foothills. He is now travelling back to Bayhaven where his ship is waiting for him. The trip from Rivenshore to Bayhaven is the last leg of his journey, and he is looking for caravan guards to escort him.”
If you do this, run the adventure encounters in the order written. At the end of the journey, the heroes will be in Bayhaven, where they can continue to adventure using the Adventures in Bayhaven series.

You can get the adventure at Drive Thru RPG.

Bayhaven: A Hero Kids Contest!

CompassRoseI’ve been hard at work getting things ready for the release of 24 Hero Kids adventures this year. Right now I’m waiting on the cover art for the adventures, and once I have that in hand, I’ll be mostly ready to release the first two adventures. Target date: January 17th and 31st. We’ll see if I can hit the target. Once I get into the flow of things, releases should happen twice a month (or maybe more, if you’re lucky!) In the meantime, A Contest!
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