Bayhaven: A Hero Kids Contest!

CompassRoseI’ve been hard at work getting things ready for the release of 24 Hero Kids adventures this year. Right now I’m waiting on the cover art for the adventures, and once I have that in hand, I’ll be mostly ready to release the first two adventures. Target date: January 17th and 31st. We’ll see if I can hit the target. Once I get into the flow of things, releases should happen twice a month (or maybe more, if you’re lucky!) In the meantime, A Contest!

Bayhaven, the setting for the adventures is (theoretically) on the west coast of the Brecken Vale’s bay. I’ve been diligently cleaning up the map I drew for it, and already have ideas for quite a few of the locations. I plan to publish a gazeteer for the setting (more on that in a future post), and would love to include some input from the community. And that’s where the contest comes in. But first, the prize: a free copy of every Hero Kids adventure I publish this year, and a $10 gift certificate to Drive Thru RPG. Also, inclusion of your location in the Bayhaven Gazeteer and a future adventure.

How to win: stat out one of the locations in Bayhaven, including purpose, a short history, and at least 1 NPC that might be found there (combat stats are not necessary) EDIT: When naming an NPC, please also include appearance, mannerisms, personality, and a commonly used phrase for the NPC. A “location” can be a building, but doesn’t have to be. You could stat out the stone bridge in the north, one of the wall towers, or something else. There’s a map included at the bottom of this post that had red dots on it – those locations are “taken.” In other words, I already have plans for them. Be sure to pick a location that doesn’t have a red dot on it. Feel free to email me with your idea before you work on it to see if it will fit with the setting, and if I already “have one of those.”

Some Bayhaven background: Most of the locations I have done are municipal or industrial buildings. I have almost no “shops.” I have zero homes. There are already two marketplaces, three taverns, and an academy that the kids attend. Since the town is on a bay, there is a fair amount of trade that comes through from the wider world on its way further into the Brecken Vale. There is also a fishing industry and a logging industry in town – there are a few sawmills at the north of town. Again, feel free to email me with your idea before you work on it to see if it will fit with the setting, and if I already “have one of those.”

The rules:

  • Submissions must be received by January 31, midnight EST.
  • Email submissions to rovingbandofmisfits at gmail. You can also use the red email icon in the top right sidebar.
  • Entrants must be between the ages of 3 and 12, but can have parental help. In fact, collaboration between parents and kids is encouraged.
  • Drawings and location maps are encouraged.
  • Entries become my property because I want to be able to publish the winner without hiring a lawyer.
  • Ultimately, Bayhaven is my setting, so I am the final chooser of the winner (in case anyone was wondering).


Bayhaven Contest

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5 thoughts on “Bayhaven: A Hero Kids Contest!

  1. Scott/Will Vandervalk

    Hey – my son and I were thinking of developing one of the ships at the Bayhaven pier – at the moment, the only idea he has is for an abandoned ship (possibly haunted, or something else). Would something like that work?

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