Bayhaven Gazeteer

BayHavenDTRPGthumbThe Bayhaven Gazetteer is available for sale on Drive Thru RPG!

I’ve been hard at work cobbling together all my scattered notes and scraps of paper to tie them all together into one document. I feel it is important to note that the gazeteer is not finished yet. The price is currently set for what the gazetteer currently contains, and as I add more content (and artwork!), the price will increase. However, if you buy it now, all future updates will be free to you! That’s a great reason to grab it in its unfinished state.


As of right now, it includes:

  • A town map
  • 34 locations
  • 21 NPCs
  • 4 Optional Rules: Experience Tokens, Time Units, Inventory, and Apprenticeships for Heroes.
  • Also included are several hooks tied to locations and NPCs for GMs to use as a jumping off point to write their own Bayhaven adventures.

You can buy the Bayhaven gazetteer (Bayhaven: Port on the Bay) here.

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