Defiance in Phlan Delve Terrain: The Prison

DSC_0035Every year that I DM for Gencon, it seems like I don’t get the adventures in time to prepare top notch terrain for my tables. It’s either something I already have lying around, or something I cobble together last minute. However, this year I was given a very early preview of the maps that would be used in the Gencon Delve adventure. Not one to waste an opportunity, I got right to work on making really cool terrain pieces for the tables I would be judging. This is the first of three pieces I made. I know, I know… there are FIVE tracks in the delve, but I am only one person. And I have kids. And a job. Even though sometimes I wish D&D was my job… but I digress. You’re really here for the pictures, so I suppose I should oblige.

(WARNING: Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t played Defiance in Phlan yet, but plan to, read no further until you have!)

Oh, and as always, click any picture to embiggify.

I’ve always wanted to play around with modular rooms, and this particular map seemed like a great opportunity. It wasn’t too big, and there were four distinct areas that the PCs would encounter. So I made each area separately, and as the PCs advanced past each door, I was able to slide each new room onto the map. Behold: first, the characters came to a door at the end of a tunnel. What is beyond the door? If the characters don’t know, why should the players?


Once the door was opened, they were faced with the prison room, and two more doors. Which one to choose? The barred one to the east, or the one with sounds behind it to the south?DSC_0032

You chose south! Were you playing the actual delve, this room would not actually be empty.DSC_0033

Of course, choosing east yields its own problems. If you have played in the delve, then you recognize those obsidian pillars…DSC_0034And finally, a couple of top down pictures to show the terrain piece assembled and pulled apart, so you can see how it all worked together.


DSC_0037If you played at one of my tables at Gencon, chime in below!

5 thoughts on “Defiance in Phlan Delve Terrain: The Prison

  1. Tom Henderson

    I saw these scenery pieces at Gencon and was amazed.

    I only wish they (or any one of them) were mine.

    I can only imagine the effect these had on the players!

    1. Brian Benoit Post author

      Thanks! The players did enjoy them. I am often reluctant to put so much work into something that (in this case) would only be used for an hour – that is, assuming I only used it once. But since I knew I’d use it over and over at Gencon, I was happy to make something this nice.

  2. Alphastream

    It was a blast seeing this terrain in action at Gen Con. It was really excellent how each part was unveiled as we made our choices. I also liked that even though a lot of what we did was narrative combat, the rooms helped inform our decisions and spatial awareness. Each mini didn’t have to be in the exact spot, with relative distances often being sufficient. Having the visual was really cool. Thanks!

    1. Brian Benoit Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it. While this particular one is laid out as a grid, I enjoyed being more loose about position and distance. Many tables didn’t have minis, and we just used the piece for reference.

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