Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Terrain: Run!

With Gencon coming up this week, it’s time to post the three Fourthcore Team Deathmatch arenas I made for the tournament of champions this year. We’re going to start with the final map because it’s kind of simple, tomorrow is the Mortal Kombat arena, and on Wednesday, you’ll get to see The Vault of the Spider Queen.

These tiles are based on the Run! arena map, which can be found here. As you can see, it’s super duper basic, just an endless hallway, with intermittent doors to slow players down. Ross told me that they only needed three tiles; the tiles can be “leapfrogged” to simulate the endless corridor. The doors at the end of the hallways can be removed – I used the technique found at Ben’s RPG Pile to make a door that slides into the wall. (I’ve also used this technique for most of the Dungeon Command tiles that have doors.)

Top down of the tiles. They all look the same.


Except for the decoration on the “door” wall. This was kind of the only place I had creative control, so I experimented a little.




That last one is my favorite. Here are a few pictures of what the PCs will see as they bolt down the eternal hallway, hoping beyond hope to survive…




Check back tomorrow and Wednesday to see the other two arenas!

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