Free Professional Papercraft Buildings

wotc_papercraftJust a short one today, to get myself back into the blogging mindset. Long before papercraft became a popular way to generate cool terrain for your game table, Wizards of the Coast put out a whole bunch of papercraft models, for free, on their website.

In fact, the archives of the D&D website is a really cool place to dig around. The maps archive, for example, has tons (literally tons. I weighed them) of great maps that you can use for inspiration, and that are of high enough quality to print out.

Back in 2003, they posted a bunch of papercraft buildings that you could print out and put together.  I tried a few of them myself back then, and it’s probably one of the things that initially gave me the terrain bug. They’re not perfect – there’s no printing on the insides – but if you’re looking for something to set the stage or create atmosphere, you could do worse. And they’re fairly quick to put together.

You can find the Wizards of the Coast “foldup paper models” archive here.

You’re welcome.

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