Hero Kids Christmas Adventure!

hero-kidsA new Hero Kids adventure written by me was posted to Drive Thru RPG today. It is Christmas themed, but maybe not in the sense you’re thinking. It goes back to some of the Norse and Germanic traditions surrounding Christmas, including the Yuletide and Odin.

If you haven’t had the chance to get Hero Kids, now is a great time. You can introduce your kids to role playing on Christmas day, and their first adventure can be holiday themed! PLUS, if you order the adventure before December 26, email me (linky at top right – the red icon with an envelope) and I will send you a BONUS pdf with an adventure epilogue and three consumable magic items for your young adventurers. What are you waiting for??

7 thoughts on “Hero Kids Christmas Adventure!

  1. christian

    Hi very interested by your offer but for some reason the email adress on the link doesnt work (I get a send failure message). Bought the quest and plan to run it during christmas vacation.

  2. danilo

    I cannot find the email address link!
    Am I so dumb? :)

    I’ve bought the complete bundle two days ago, am I entitled to the bonus stuff?

  3. Tyson

    Hey Benoit, just checked out Hero Kids briefly on drivethrurpg, and it sounds pretty cool. Plus the age range is absolutely perfect. Any recommendations on which product/bundle to start out with?

    Thanks for pointing this out to me!

    1. Brian Benoit Post author

      It’s really hard to beat the “Complete Bundle” for value. It includes the game, all the adventures, plus the add ons like the equipment and pets book. Going forward, you’ll have to purchase adventures as they come out, but to get started, this is a great way to go. Core Rules + 9 Adventures + Extra Characters & Equipment for $15.

  4. Charles Cline

    Bought Hero Kids Complete back on the 21st and have been playing through the adventures with my daughter. She really enjoyed Yuletide Journey and Fire in Rivenshore. Keep up the great work!


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