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Bayhaven ThumbSo, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, and it’s for good reason. I’ve been rather busy. Unfortunately for all the 5e aficionados out there, it hasn’t been with D&D (other than my weekly Enounters group). I’ve been working on a setting for Hero Kids, and a series of adventures to go along with it. I’ve been working really hard on putting together rough outlines (and not so rough outlines) for adventures, and I’ve also recently finished the first pass of the city map; I’m going to share that with you below.

As of right now, my plan is to release between 24 and 26 adventures for Hero Kids in 2015. I already have an artist tentatively lined up (Hi Wes!) and am in the process of putting all sorts of things together.  My style of work on a project like this is scattered and sporadic, so I’ve got lots of half (or less) finished stuff on the burners right now – battle maps, narrative, monster stat blocks, and location descriptions. But… it’s beginning to come together.

Why Hero Kids? Well, first off, my kids love it. So I’ve got some very willing playtesters living right in my house with me. But also, despite Hero Kids having won a Silver Ennie, there haven’t been a lot of adventures released for it. And that’s a shame, because what busy parents need most is something they can just print out and play with their kids. In other words, it’s a fun game, but lacking in the exact kind of content that the market wants.

What I’m doing with Bayhaven is creating a whole town for the kids to adventure in, including a Gazeteer, NPCs, plot hooks, and a series of adventures. I’m hoping that this will at least begin to meet a need that the Hero Kids community has.

If you’ve got kids, check it out. It really is easy, smooth, and a lot of fun (and affordable!!). And whhile you’re waiting for the Bayhaven adventures to come out, there are several adventures already published for you to play with your kids over the holidays.

Ok, enough about that. Here’s the first pass map of Bayhaven. I hope you’re as excited about this as I am. (Oh, and stay tuned. There will be a contest coming up for your kids to contribute something to the town…)

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