Level Up — Bonus Episode!

Today we have a very special bonus episode of Level Up.  Instead of our usual 4e D&D fare, we have an interview with Rupert G of the Dice of Doom blog and podcast.  He’s the driving force behind the “Play A New RPG Month” project, and we thought that many of our listeners would be interested in their “gaming experiment” and how to participate during October.

We here at the Roving Band of Misfits are doing our best to fit a new RPG into our October gaming schedule, so stay tuned for some blog articles on what that RPG is, and how it went. We strongly encourage others to take a one month break from D&D to try a new RPG as well.  We know that many of you even have some systems on your shelf that you bought many years ago but never played; now you have an excuse to break them out, dust them off, and try them.

For more information on the different RPGs the Dice of Doom folks have played over the past year, including their opinions of each, please check out their podcast. It’s a wealth of information.


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