Level Up — Episode #19 – Mordenkainen’s, Followups From Last Episode, and Heroes of Neverwinter

This week, Hamblin and Benoit discuss their first impressions of Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium.  Do they love it? Do they hate it? Listen to find out! Then, they follow up on a few comments made in Episode 18 –  you know, the ones about making the most of ongoing damage and alternate uses of Healing Surges.  Finally, Benoit tries to convince Hamblin to try out the new Facebook D&D game, Heroes of Neverwinter.  Enjoy, and leave lots of comments!


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5 thoughts on “Level Up — Episode #19 – Mordenkainen’s, Followups From Last Episode, and Heroes of Neverwinter

  1. Alphastream

    Nice treatment of Mordenkainen’s! I liked your comments around the armor… sort of solidified for me why I didn’t like it.

    I am not a fan of PC magic item wish lists, especially in RPGs where magic items enable certain builds or combos. My LFR burst warlock, for example, absolutely needs certain magic items to be viable. That’s ok in moderation, but troublesome in a home campaign. I am willing to bet it is the main reason Epic play can be so bad on balance. Ditching wish lists keeps the power level manageable and focuses a PC’s power on their own capabilities. It also increases the “wonder” of the game. Magic items that are ho-hum in comparison to optimal choices become full of flavor when the DM dresses them up, gives them a history, and the player embraces them (because they are the only choice!).

  2. Kitrack

    I noticed you made a mis-statement during the podcast, and it kept driving me crazy when it came up (and it came up a bunch). The Dead-Rat Deserter attack is a standard action. The shift into rat-humanoid form is a minor, and it gives access to a standard action attack (the bite that does ongoing).

    But it’s not nearly as nice as you were portraying it.

    1. Benoit Post author

      Oh wow, you’re absolutely right. I was reading the stat block wrong. I’ll be sure to correct that in the next podcast. Thanks for keeping me honest and pointing it out!

  3. Generic Fighter

    Hmm. I have a different take on “Wish Lists”. I have a few questions I ask a Player about their PC. It goes something like this…

    What weapon/s are your PC using?
    Is your PC using an Impement?
    If So, what is it?
    What Armor is your PC Wearing?
    Does your PC use a Shield?
    Are you planning on Taking Feats to Upgrade any of these?
    If So, around what level do you plan on this?

    With this in mind, I craft Treasure Parcels with the PCs in mind, making sure most of them will be something that at least one of my PCs will be able to use, even if it isn’t the Coolest, Most Awesomest thing in the Universe. And I’ll drop a few teaser Items in, too.(A Magic Rapier? But none of us can use Rapiers? BUT Wait! Its a Mage’s Rapier! Anyone who can use a Dagger can use it! “Rogue Calls Dibs!”) That conversation eventually got the Player of the Rogue in my Sat. Game to take the Rapier Prof. Feat and later choose a Paragon Path OTHER than Dagger Master! Occasionally, what you Drop can change plans like that pretty Easily;)


  4. Berliad

    Enjoyed the podcast, as always!

    I’ll be interested to hear more thoughts on the Neverwinter Facebook game. I’m enjoying it, though I think the omission of opportunity attacks is badly missed in terms of recreating the strategic element of 4e. I don’t mind the slimmed down classes and races, nor the lack of friendly fire and simplified flanking. But with OA’s, the fighter in particular seems sort of gimped–enemies can simply walk past him and get to the characters behind the front line. Hoping they add it later. As it is, though, it’s still a nice way to blow off steam for 15-20 minutes each night.


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