Level Up! — Episode #20: Going Last, Radiant Damage, and More!

In this episode we welcome special guests Justin and Ian from the Going Last podcast.

We have a spirited conversation about bad artwork, feats that are too good and how to fix them, and pixies! And in the middle we talk about the “radiant mafia” that can rack up insane amounts of damage.

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Level Up logo by Wesley K. Hall. Music by pornophonique and is available for free under the Creative Commons license.


4 thoughts on “Level Up! — Episode #20: Going Last, Radiant Damage, and More!

  1. Jeff Dougan

    Just finished listening to the episode while driving into work. One thing I thought I could help with:
    A Super-brief History of Kara-Tur: Kara-tur debuted with the 1E supplement Oriental Adventures. At that time, it was more or less standalone. During the 2E Era, TSR tried to tie (almost) all of their settings into the Forgotten Realms, and Kara-tur was transported to the far, far east of Faerun, even east of the Hordelands. (Somewhat south of the Hordelands was the Land of Fate, home of Al-Qadim. Sail across the ocean to the west and you reach Maztica.) I never played during the 3.X era, but that’s where the Legend of the Five Rings stuff you guys referred to while talking about the DDI theme. In the articles published so far, I don’t think that a specific location is given for Kara-tur, although its history as part of the Realms is briefly referred to in Dave Chalker’s ninja article.

    1. Benoit

      Very cool, thanks for the history lesson. I’ll be interested to see whether they tie it to the FR in 4e. My guess is no.

  2. Alphastream

    To add to that, the 2001 3.x Legend of the Five Rings version was part of an effort when WotC had the license for the game. The d20 version used Rokugan (L5R’s setting) and was not particularly well received from what I hear. Players seem to prefer the game’s original mechanics. When the license went back to AEG the third edition of L5R once again used the d10 roll-and-keep method. The fourth edition also uses this rules set and it is difficult to envision any return to d20.

    In more recent writings Kara-Tur seems largely untainted by exposure to the Rokugan setting. Instead, it continues to draw from FR, reflecting that earlier shift to place Kara-Tur in the Realms. (This, in turn, has its root in the politics of moving as much as possible to the Realms in the effort to reduce Gygax’ influence during the time when TSR fought against him).


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