New Adventure in Bayhaven: Sunrise Over Still Water

BayHavenDTRPGthumbNEWIt’s the end of 2015, and I’ve released the last Adventure in Bayhaven of the year. On top of that, it’s the conclusion to the three part “Shrike Incursion” series. Does it have awesome art by Wes Hall? Why yes, yes it does. If you’ve purchased the other two parts of the series, you’ve seen the other shrike art he’s done, and this adventure introduces the Shrike Shaman (pictured below).

PLUS, this adventure includes notes at the end on how to flow the next session seamlessly into The Lost Village.

Shrikes have attacked Bayhaven, and as one might expect, the adventure is combat heavy. But it’s not boring combat. Each combat has an objective that adds a layer of complexity beyond “kill all the monsters.” For example, in the first encounter, the characters must use bombs to close a sewer entrance. In the second, they must work against a shrike that is trying to open a portcullis.

The adventure is 3-4 encounters, with 3 of them being combat (one is an extraction mission that involves being stealthy).

You can get Sunrise Over Still Water here.

Shrike Shaman art by Wes Hall

Shrike Shaman art by Wes Hall

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