New Hero Kids Pets Expansion!

chamroshTransparentBGI’ve developed a new set of pets for your Hero Kids game!

Pets are consistently a favorite among the young kids who play Hero Kids, and I thought it was a shame that they only had 11 to choose from. I also thought that some mythological animals could be included, since Hero Kids is a fantasy game. You can add these creatures to your heroes’ choices of pets right away, or you could design a special adventure where they find one of these creatures. (Imagine an adventure where they have to fight a bunch of goblins that ride on giant beetles!) It’s totally up to you. I hope your kids have as much fun with them as I had designing them!

Here are the 11 new pets in this expansion:

  • The Giant Riding Beetle has no attack, but its thick carapace makes it a powerful ally. (This pet card comes in two versions: Ladybug [aka Ladybird] and Rhino Beetle)
  • The Giant Komodo Dragon’s powerful bite can make enemies weaker
  • The Magic Butterfly can summon a whole swarm of butterflies with razor sharp wings.
  • The Wolpertinger is a strange and terrifying animal that most people have never seen.
  • The Chamrosh is a cross between a dog and an eagle – and it can make a leaping flyby attack.
  • The Raiju is a small animal that has electrical powers – it has a shocking attack, and it can move around with lightning speed.
  • The Stag is a regal animal, but you don’t want to be on the wrong side of his antlers when he makes his charge attack.
  • The Monkey is a clever and useful ally both in and out of combat.
  • The Porcupine uses its sharp quills to both attack and defend itself. It can even shoot them!
  • The Chameleon is virtually invisible when it’s sneaking around.
  • The Gromp has the ability to shake the earth and knock enemies over with its powerful stomp. (This creature was first seen in the Bayhaven adventure “The Ringmaster’s Request.”)

In addition, I’ve added two new apprenticeships to the Bayhaven setting guide – Beast Master and Outrider. With these new apprenticeships, the kids can “officially” be pet trainers. If you already have that book, go download the updated file!

You can get the Bayhaven Hero Kids Pets Expansion here.


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