Hoard of the Dragon Queen Episode 1 Random Encounter Sheets

In this season’s Hoard of the Dragon Queen D&D Encounters adventure, there’s a “wandering monster” table in Episode 1. As a DM, it’s a pain to flip back and forth between the different spells and monsters on top of navigating the adventure itself. So I made some cheat sheets for myself that combine the monsters from the different encounters. Now (for the random encounters, anyways) I have everything I need on one sheet.

I don’t think there are really any spoilers here, but the following is really for D&D Encounters DMs only. Click “read more” if that applies to you.

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Hero Kids Christmas Adventure!

hero-kidsA new Hero Kids adventure written by me was posted to Drive Thru RPG today. It is Christmas themed, but maybe not in the sense you’re thinking. It goes back to some of the Norse and Germanic traditions surrounding Christmas, including the Yuletide and Odin.

If you haven’t had the chance to get Hero Kids, now is a great time. You can introduce your kids to role playing on Christmas day, and their first adventure can be holiday themed! PLUS, if you order the adventure before December 26, email me (linky at top right – the red icon with an envelope) and I will send you a BONUS pdf with an adventure epilogue and three consumable magic items for your young adventurers. What are you waiting for??

I’ve Been Published!

120069-thumb140Just a quick announcement – Hero Forge Games, the makers of the Hero Kids! RPG system have published an adventure I wrote. Entitled Fire In Rivenshore, it challenges the heroes with putting out a fire in their home village. All is not as it seems however, and the kids must find the source of the fire – and grapple with a moral dilemma at the very end. More than just a “kill the monsters and gather the treasure” adventure – this adventure could even spark discussions on “the right thing to do” with your children! Check it out on DriveThruRPG. If you haven’t played Hero Kids! yet, I highly recommend it.

The Gamer Effect is Running a Contest!

The Gamer EffectIf you’ve been following the blog for a while now, you’ll know that I recently dropped off in my posting activity. Part of that is a redirection of my attention towards other things in my life. However, I have also been directing a lot of my blogging energies to articles I’ve been writing for The Gamer Effect. If you missed it, I’ve been doing a series over there about an RPG experiment I conducted over the summer with my gaming group. You can check out the first post in the series here.

Also, check out all the other great articles – there is quite a collection of bloggers that have been putting up some great stuff there. Plus, there’s a contest going on - just comment on this post, and you could win $25! Win-win-win! (That first win is for the joy you will get from reading my series.)

New D&D Class: Giantkin

Giant KinIan from the Going Last podcast, and a one-time guest on our podcast, has put together a new class for 4th Edition D&D. It functions something like Vampire – it’s a class that acts more like a “modifier” to your base race.
While I know that lots of people are super excited about D&D Next, I also know that there is still a lot to love about 4e. And that there are still people playing it. So, in case you fall into that category, here’s a new option for your table.

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Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Arena: Vault Of The Spider Queen

I’m going to preface this one by saying: I could have done better. In fact, I had much bigger plans for this piece. On the other hand, sometimes the results can be stunning when there’s  a deadline looming. For me, this was the case – not in quality, but rather I learned a lot about how to work quickly. I usually take my time – too much time – and when I made this piece I didn’t have that luxury. So I was forced to make decisions quickly, which was good for me.  In fact, I kind of live tweeted the process. You can see the board go from zero to complete through a string of tweets I did, which is kind of interesting. Here they are: Continue reading

Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Terrain: Run!

With Gencon coming up this week, it’s time to post the three Fourthcore Team Deathmatch arenas I made for the tournament of champions this year. We’re going to start with the final map because it’s kind of simple, tomorrow is the Mortal Kombat arena, and on Wednesday, you’ll get to see The Vault of the Spider Queen. Continue reading

Dungeon Command Hirst Arts Tiles: Blood of Gruumsh

featuredAs I was making this set of Dungeon Command tiles, I kept wondering: is this the last set? I don’t have any special insight or insider knowledge, but I do know that there haven’t been any new sets announced. So for right now, I guess the answer is, yeah. I guess that’s kind of sad because I do like the game. On the other hand, I have some potentially exciting news. If you’re going to Origins, Word Boardgame Con, or Gencon this year, you can see all my Dungeon Command Hirst Arts tiles in person! I’ve sent them to one of the “learn to play” guys, and he’ll be teaching the game using the tiles. If you’re going to be at one of the cons, more specific info can be found at the end of the article. But let’s dive into what you’re really here for. The pictures… (as always, click for bigger) Continue reading

Living The Dream: How To Work In The Gaming Industry

money n diceI often hear, be it online or at cons, some variation of the following:
“Man, I’d love to work in the gaming industry, but the pay sucks and/or the industry is unstable. How would I support myself? Therefore, I will be stuck doing something else for the rest of my life.” Then, everyone listening nods sagely, empathizing with the plight of having a job that is not one’s dream job because of the money.

But what if I told you that there is a way to take money out of the equation? What if I showed you a way to become so rich that you would not have to worry about “the money” when looking for a job; instead, you could simply ask, “Is this something I would enjoy doing?” and quit the very day the answer became “no.” In short, what if I could show you how to retire (very, very) early? In as little as 10 years from now? I know I sound like a huckster, but there’s nothing to buy – just keep reading. Continue reading