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Weekly Roundup: Tyranny Of Goblins Is Coming Edition

This week the new Tyranny of Goblins Dungeon Command set comes out! Guys, this is a really fun game. I hope you’ve overcome all the lame excuses you have for not trying it. There are plenty of reviews online and the overwhelming majority are positive. Go get it! (By the way, Amazon won’t have it for two more weeks. But by then, you’ll be behind the constructed deck curve…) And if you can’t even wait until Tuesday for a shot of DC, check out the most recent Design and Development article.

With D&D Next on everyone’s radar, it seems as though everyone is also looking to start a new campaign. Yes, you could port something you’ve already created, but you can also begin with a new world as well. Jester has started a new series on worldbuilding on his WotC blog. The first two parts are up, and you can check out the first one here.

 Ars Technica posted a much-discussed (on Twitter, anyway) article with thoughts on D&D Next. Agree or disagree, this one’s worth a read.

And speaking of Next, Dave over at Critical Hits posted some thoughts on Themes, Specialties, and Backgrounds (oh my). Are they too much? Is there redundancy that could be streamlined?

With the next Dungeon and Dragon submission window set to open soon, you may want to check out some thoughts on submissions over at A Man’s Brain Attic. Namely feedback received for a submission that was eventually rejected.

In other news, the new Lair Assault is out, called Kill The Wizard. (Don’t know if the title is a spoiler or not). If you’re at a loss for what type of character to bring, check out the character creation thoughts over at Dungeon’s Master.

Last week, we posted some articles by Some Space To Think regarding skills. If you enjoyed them, you may want to read another followup article by another blogger – Steven Long.

We know con season is over, but for all you single guy geeks out there, Geeky Hostess posted some great advice on how to approach fem-geeks. (Just made that word up)

Finally, have you ever wondered if there was a playtest of the original D&D? Of course there was, but until now, the playtest version was undiscovered. Playing At The World posted an uncovered document that may just be that undiscovered playtest version. Also, check out the author’s book by the same name. (Geek Dad interview with the author here.)

Blast From The Past (Weekly Roundup: Site Of The Month Edition)

Tomorrow, we’ll be recording a new episode of Level Up where we’ll be discussing the new Neverwinter themes. With that in mind, we thought we’d link the article at Dungeon’s Master “Giving Character Backgrounds and Themes Teeth.”

Weekly Roundup: Play A New RPG Month Is Underway Edition

 Well, it’s October, so that means that Play A New RPG Month is in full swing. Hopefully, you’ve been branching out with your group and trying something new. Be sure to check out the site, and weigh in on what you’ve been playing so that the moderators can keep track of all the participants. The link is in the sidebar there, or you can just click here.

The She DM posted a super easy to make, and really good looking set of tentacle miniatures. We love stuff like this.

If you liked all the contributions to the Winter is Coming blog carnival, you should definitely check out the carnival being hosted by A Man’s Brain Attic. Titled “A Night in the Lonesome October,” this one will be (predictably) horror/Halloween themed. If you’re a blogger, participate! If you’re not, keep an eye out for all the submissions.

 Daily Encounter proposed a new feat, and a whole pile of new cantrips that are full of flavor. Add them to your game, and see what your players do with them!

The ID DM discussed how to use scarcity to add tension and engagement in your game. As they always say… less is more.

If you remember a month or so ago, we highlighted the “adventure a day” challenge over at Asshat Paladins. The challenge is over, and you can check out a list of every single adventure idea posted. It’s quite a list, and would keep any DM busy for quite a while. (You’ll have to click through the links to specific blogs – they haven’t been compiled in a document, nor do I suspect they will be)

IntWisCha posted a short article on how to reconcile plot and mechanics when the two conspire against you.

Finally, Initiative or What posted an automated treasure generator. Free to download, all you need is Excel. Awesome!