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Weekly Roundup: (Mostly) Post Gencon Wrapup Edition

We’re back from Gencon! Check out tomorrow’s podcast for Benoit’s thoughts and experiences (among other things).  Until then, here’s some Gencon goodness in the Weekly Roundup (plus some other stuff).

First, we’ll do a quick roundup of bloggers that blogged about their experiences at Gencon this week:

Also, we would be remiss if we did not provide a link to the Ennie winners (click through to the pdf).  Congratulations to everyone who won!

Finally, Critical Hits did a great summary of the Wizards of the Coast New Products seminar.  If you want to know what’s in the pipeline over at WotC, check it out. Also, Alphastream included a few links on his blog to followup information on the new products, as well as his thoughts.

And then some non-Gencon articles we noticed:

Every DM knows that inspiration for their campaign is all around us.  From paintings, to literature, to actual history.  If you’re looking for historical inspiration, check out Illuminerdy‘s primer on the ancient Mexican city of Chichen Itza, complete with campaign and plot hook ideas.

Heroes of Shadow posted a brief overview and review of the Neverwinter Fortune cards.  We’ll be discussing them in tomorrow’s podcast as well, so tune in for that.

At-Will wrote about why it’s hard to make hard encounters.

Finally, where current events and gaming meet, we find this story about some London looters and a Games Workshop store. (Edit: We’re not sure if this story is for real)

Whose Gencon wrapup did we miss?  Link it in the comments!

Weekly Roundup: 2011 GenCon Schedule Edition

In case you wanted to stop by at GenCon and say hi, below is Benoit’s schedule.  He will be judging events all weekend, so if you want to buy him a beer, he probably won’t say no.

  • Thursday:
    • 1-6  LFR Calimshan 3-2 (part 2 of the series)
    • 7-Midnight  LFR Calimshan 3-2 (part 2 of the series)
  • Friday:
    • 8-1  LFR Calimshan 3-3 (part 3 of the series)
    • 1-6 Fourthcore Deathmatch (Stop by to see the models!)
    • 7-Midnight  LFR Calimshan 3-2 (part 2 of the series)
  • Saturday:
    • 8-1  LFR Calimshan 3-2 (part 2 of the series)
    • 1-6  LFR Calimshan 3-3 (part 3 of the series)
    • 7-Midnight  LFR Calimshan 3-2 (part 2 of the series)
  • Sunday:
    • 8-1  LFR Calimshan 3-3 (part 3 of the series)

He’ll also have some stuff to give away to anyone stopping by, which will be highlighted in next week’s roundup.

In case you missed it, we did a guest post for Ben’s RPG Pile this week.  He’s doing an A to Z series of dungeon accessories, minis, and play aids.  We took the letter F for… well, you’ll just have to head over there to find out.

At-Will posted a cool article by Jeff Greiner (of The Tome Show) explaining how he dealt with a series of magical explosions in his game.  Some great ideas there for making an effect more interesting to players.

Speaking of Gencon, Sea of Stars posted some advice for Gencon that’s worth a read, especially if this is your first con.

This is My Game posted a list of apps that you might want for your iPhone/iPad to help you at the table (or lighten your bag).  We will also add iPlay4e to the list.

Dice Monkey started a new series hacking Gamma World into traditional D&D. Also note the link in the article to Chaos Grenade, who is doing something similar.

Finally, over at Critical Hits, Dixon Trimline wrote about players’ fear of dying in 4e (or lack thereof), and why he’s not worried about characters that don’t.

So what cool articles did you find this week?

Weekly Roundup: New Kickstarter Widget Edition

As you may or may not have noticed, we’ve added a new widget to the sidebar over there —>.  It’s from Kickstarter.  A few weeks back, we were touting the Dungeon Geomorph Dice project that we found on the site; just this week, we found the Compact Heroes project.  It seems as though Kickstarter is going to be a hotbed of game development projects (they even have a games category), so we decided that when we find a project we’re excited about, we’ll add the widget to the sidebar.  In other words, it won’t always be there, and if you see it there, it’s because we’ve found a really cool project that we’re really excited about (and are probably backing).  So pay attention when you see it!  By the way, if you still want to get an advance copy of Compact Heroes, the project expires this week.  We’re thinking about doing a Geomorph Dice/Compact Heroes mashup game…

rjb’s rubric posted an article this week on why he’s feeling burnt out on 4e.  Some might call is system bloat, and we can’t say we disagree with his feeling of being overwhelmed with options sometimes.

When we were planning the shipboard portion of our recent adventure, we were disappointed to find an unsatisfactory number of aquatic creatures in the D&D library.  We settled on Sahuagin and custom made Water Genasi, but we would have liked to have more choices without having to resort to custom making monsters ourselves.  That’s why we were excited to see At-Will post some great aquatic monsters as part of their Aquatic Adventures series.  Free, highly useful content = Teh good!  (Also, as an aside, they’re getting back into podcasting with little 5 minute nuggets.  Neat format.)

If you’re currently feeling in a more cerebral mood, you should definitely check out the article at Geek Related on what RPGs teach you.  That, and there’s apparently an International Journal of Roleplaying.  Who knew? (link to the Journal in Geek Related’s article…)

We were intrigued by Dungeon’s Master‘s article on accepting a suicide mission.  That’s all we’ll say.  Well, that and, “it’s unlikely you’ll make it out of this alive.”

Finally, this last link is for my (Benoit’s) group.  It has nothing to do with 4e, so everyone else will have to forgive me.  They were asking about Wild West RPGs this week; first to mind was Boot Hill, but I also came across this Weird West review at Jeff’s Gameblog this week, and wanted to pass it along to them (and anyone else who might be interested…) 

If anyone else knows of a Wild West RPG to pass along to them, please leave it in the comments, because I’m clearly tapped out.  See you next week!!

Weekly Roundup – D&D Perfume Edition

So, here’s something interesting we stumbled across this week: you can make your own D&D perfume at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s website simply by choosing a race, class, and alignment combo.  Interesting, at the very least, and the prices don’t seem too out of line with how much fragrances cost elsewhere.  We wonder what a chaotic neutral halfling rogue smells like…. and now, while you ponder that, read some of this week’s articles!

At-Will had a discussion of what sorts of challenges you should throw at your epic tier players.  No, not what sorts of monsters.  What sorts of challenges.  Check it out if you’re struggling with your epic tier storyline.

Speaking of campaign hooks The Undungeon was the topic of a massive post over at Greywulf’s Lair this week.  If you’re looking to start a new campaign soon, this article could be a great resource for you, and is chock full of ideas to steal.

Just yesterday, Dave the Game posted a discussion of the economics of pricing plastic miniatures over at Critical Hits.  If you’re interested in why WotC discontinued their minis line, this article pulls back the curtain a bit.

Over at the Wizards of the Coast community blogs, we noticed a new article by The Jester who had a great discussion of balance in games.  Is it good?  Can it be ignored?  Read and decide.

Blog of Holding had a discussion of why he thinks that 4e does not, in fact, discourage roleplaying.  An old discussion, I know, but worth checking out, as he makes some points that you may not have heard before.

In case you missed it,  Newbie DM made a call to all you DMs out there for pictures of your DM’s binder.  We use a clipboard, but if you use a binder, feel free to submit it to the gallery.

Finally, as you may or may not know, Star Wars day was this past week – May the fourth.  As in, “May the fourth be with you.”  In celebration of this “holiday,” we point you to Death Star PR‘s 10 Easy Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day.  Yes, we know it’s not D&D related, but considering our audience, we thought it was relevant.  Plus, we chuckled.

How did you celebrate Star Wars day?

Weekly Roundup – Did Ya Miss It? Edition

Oops, looks like we missed a week of the weekly roundup.  Last week.  What, you didn’t…?  Ok, nevermind.  Here are some articles from this week in D&D.  Enjoy!

While this first item isn’t an article, per se, it is something that piqued our interest, and we’ll be keeping an eye on.  Apparently, there’s a “history of D&D” book in the works.  It will be called Of Dice and Men, and will be written by David M. Ewalt of the Forbes blog Metagamer.

Newbie DM had a great guest article by Mike Lemmer who will be blogging about his experience with running MyRealms adventures for a Living Forgotten Realms group.  It’s called 7 Weeks in MyRealms, and this first installment includes some interesting data about turn length and session planning.

Ever wonder if “traditional” 4e D&D would play well with Gamma World?  So did At Will‘s Gamefiend.  Wonder no more, my friends.

The most famous monster of all time?  The one that keeps coming back in every edition? No, no, not dragons, or even zombies.  No, I’m talking about Flumphs! What’s that you say? They didn’t make it to 4th edition?  You are wrong… so very very wrong.  Thank the folks over at Nevermet Press for this one.

While this isn’t really the point of The Dungeon’s Master‘s article, I found the idea of having character “trees” in this article intriguing.  Does anyone else play with a stable of characters as opposed to one character?

Finally, if you’re feeling too ADD to digest an entire article right now, there was another installment of D&D Twitter tips over at This is My Game .

What did we miss?  Leave it in the comments!  See you next week!

Weekly Roundup – Podcast Editon

Just last night, we wrapped up the taping of our very first podcast. It’s going to be called “Level Up” and it’s aimed at PLAYERS (yes! I know!) who want advice and tips on character creation.  Keep an eye out for it right here on the site, we’ll be posting it soon.  And if you have a character creation question, or if you want ideas for the feat or power you should take next level, email us! The link is over there on the right. You could be featured in the next podcast! And now, on to the articles…

Someone on Twitter (sorry, don’t remember who) pointed us to David Ewalt’s Forbes blog, where this week he talked about how to get started in D&D.  In the wake of NBC’s “Community” episode featuring the game, many people are wondering how the game is played.  And of course, he suggests The Red Box.

The Dungeon’s Master had two different articles this week that caught our eye.  The first is a list of six items every adventuring party should have; there are some interesting items there that you may have overlooked.  The second was an article discussing ways to make sure everyone at the table is involved in a skill challenge.  This is especially important for groups that like to roleplay a lot.  We suggest you check both articles out.

Tarrasqueous had some interesting homebrew Gamma World “monsters” called “Gamma Portals.”  This was especially interesting to us, as we just finished the first Gamma World novel “Sooner Dead” where “ripples,” similar to Gamma Portals, featured prominently.  Kind of neat to see some crunch put to the fluff in the novels.

At-Will‘s Ryven started a great discussion of WotC’s plans to introduce multiclassing to 4th edition.  But really, the discussion is only started, and there is still a lot of speculation, as we do not have WotC’s actual mechanics in front of us.  Still, it’s fun to add to the discussion!

RPG Musings had a great article on roleplaying that everyone should read.  We especially like the idea of “taking ownership of the character’s actions,” and how that informs the way a player describes what the character does.

Finally, a non-D&D related blog article. On Twitter this week, @joyofgeek pointed us to Rands in Repose who wrote an article entitled “The Nerd Handbook.” How much of it do you recognize in yourself?

We’d love to find your blog! Leave a link in the comments!

Weekly Roundup – Spoooooky Edition

Today is Halloween, so obviously we have candy on my mind.  Yeah, we’re too old to go trick or treating, but we’ll never be too old to steal the kids’ candy after they go to bed. 

Lately, we’ve been using Starburst as minions.  In case you’ve never seen this before, whoever kills it, eats it.

Kicking off our Spoooooky Edition, Vanir over at Critical Hits gave a nod to the holiday by talking about childhood nightmares, and adding horror to your game.  Shawn Merwin also wrote a Critical Hits article about the merits of playing with strangers.

The Dread Gazebo and Save Vs. Death teamed up to give us part one of some deadly new traps.  Our favorite part?  His inspiration for the trap – Mario Bros.

Ryven of At-Will wrote a killer new piece in his “Serious Skills” series.  The topic?  Heal.  We’d suggest catching yourself up on all the previous installments as well.

Finally, Aaron over at Phelanar’s Den gave us the perfect “wishlist vs. random treasure” hybrid system for doling out the goodies to the trick or trea…. I mean the party.

Your blog didn’t make the cut?  Feel free to post shameless plugs in the comments!