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Weekly Roundup: Talon of Umberlee Edition

This past Thursday, we ran our play group through the Lair Assault “Talon of Umberlee.” We will be giving a full report in a spoilerific edition of our next podcast, but we will say that the party was successful, and also had no deaths. Not for lack of trying on our part…

 Delta’s D&D Hotspot took a really fun (and comprehensive) look at the depiction of elves through the editions of D&D. Though it doesn’t include 4e, it’s always interesting to look at the history of the game, from whatever angle.

If you’re still scrambling to get gamers on your list a cheapo gift, try out the “Rollable Greeting Card” at Doctor Techno. While the results are… unpredictable, they’re good for a laugh.

Over at DMG 42, we were encouraged to add some mystery to our dungeons, and let players figure out pieces of the story by themselves (or not!). There’s also some cool comparisons to the original DOOM, which we also have fond memories of.


Finally, we were pleased to see this week that the Dice of Doom podcast is back. If you haven’t checked them out yet, do it already! (And no, we don’t like beards on our dwarven women, despite what early editions of the game implied…)

Blast From The Past (Weekly Roundup: Impending Holidays Edition)

Arcane Springboard over at This is My Game talked about how receiving the Red Box from his grandparents when he was a kid was more than just the gift of a game.  Made us think about how it’s important to bring new people into the hobby, and how D&D is more than “just a game.”