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One Page Encounter Maps: Crypt of the Mountain King

I’m out of town on business this week, so I’ve asked Bogie, of the Dundjinni forums, to fill in for me. I was excited when he agreed, because every map I’ve seen of his is stunning. Below is a beautiful “one page” map for you to use in your game. It’s not actually one page, but based upon the poll I took last time, most of you won’t mind a little cutting and taping for this map. He also made a true one page encounter map for us that I will be presenting in the future. I hope you enjoy this map, and if you want to see more of his work, you can mosey on over to the forums. Continue reading

One Page Encounter Maps: Dungeon Cells

Well, the last one page encounter map was a rousing success, and I didn’t have time to finish what I was planning on doing this week… so here’s another one page encounter map!

But first, I’d like to take a quick poll. I’m wondering how much cutting and assembling people are willing to do for a print at home map. In other words, if I started making maps that you print out on two pages, cut one border off, and tape together, would you find that as useful? What about a four sheet map? Vote below. Continue reading

One Page Encounter Maps: The Wizard’s Study

This article is something of a test. I often see large maps online for free, and they’re awesome, but I don’t really want to pay to have them printed out – especially if they’re not flexible enough to be used in many different situations. Paying a bunch of money for one combat map isn’t my thing. But what if the combat map was small enough to be printed out on your home printer? On a single sheet of paper? Yeah, I’d be in for that. So that’s what I’m doing. If it’s well received, I will make more. Read on… Continue reading

Free Full Sized Ship Game Mat: Hellstrider

As promised last week, here is the full map of the Hellstrider, a replica of Fat Dragon Games’ “Sea Dragon,” done in Dundjinni.

I’ve also included it with a water background, if you’d like a more mundane ship, and a version without a grid for all you Maptool users out there. One note I will make about using it in Maptool to help DMs align the grid – the main deck is 5 wide; the mast on that deck sits in the middle of a square. The lower deck is only 4 wide, so the mast sits in between two squares. I apologize for not including more details (like cargo), but I’m currently working on a project, and didn’t have time.

This ship is a traditional “Cog,”¬†which were primarily trading vessels used in the Middle Ages. I will spare you the rest of the interesting internet research I did; I’m sure you know how to use Google if you want to know more, or just want to look smart in front of your players. Continue reading

Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Map: Mutiny on the Hellstrider

A few weeks ago, just before I got the chance to play in the Charm City Gameday Fourthcore Team Deathmatch, I emailed C. Steven Ross with an idea to make a deathmatch map on a ship sailing in a sea of lava. I had so much fun playing in the deathmatch that I decided to realize that map myself. Of course, I love making the deathmatch terrains, and I really believe they add something great to the deathmatch experience, so I wanted to make the map resemble something that could be made and used in a match. Continue reading