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Weekly Roundup: Decompressing From Gencon Edition

Well, another Gencon has come and gone, and scores of nerds across the world (the world!) have seen a drop in their work productivity this past week due to something known as “Gencon Hangover.” We had a great time, and hope everyone at our tables did as well. As for everything else we did there, well, what happens at Gencon stays at Gencon. Wait, is that right? Hmmm…. at any rate, we assure you it’s not as mysterious (or naughty) as it sounds.

If you’ve never been to Gencon, and want a blow by blow summary from a noob, look no further than the great summary posted by The Id DM this week. (Including the fact that there also happened to be a bike rally going on at the same time) If you want a more veteran perspective, you’ll have to check out DeadOrcs’ post on This Is My Game.

Of course, if you’re looking for more Gencon goodness, you can’t go wrong with all the WotC seminars on one page, for your viewing pleasure. If you’d rather listen to them than watch them, then it’s over to The Tome Show for you! (Or you could check out a rough summary on the Forbes blog.)

Neuroglyph Games also talked a bit about the Gencon seminars, and why they convinced him to keep playtesting.

RPG Musings is starting a new campaign, and shared some steps they go through when planning. Good thoughts, as it seems September is a common time to start new campaigns.

Merric’s Musings has been reviewing old 1e and 2e adventure modules lately. This link is to a review of The Secret of Bone Hill, but there are plenty more on the blog. (We feel this is self-evident, but also feel it’s necessary to note that there are spoilers involved.)

The Other Side asked this week if the OSR (Old School Renaissance) is dead. Later this week, a followup was posted.

Of course, the other HUGE news this week that everyone was watching was the amazingly successful Reaper Bones Kickstarter. Just this week, 1000 Foot General posted a review on this new casting material.

And if you’re interested in the new Dungeon Command game (you should be!) check out One Inch Square‘s summary of the two sets, comparing their monster statistics.

Finally, sometimes resident artist Wesley Hall has posted a few pieces of Gamma World art he did for a project that never saw the light of day (Spoiler: GW Deck of Many Things). Only posted to Twitter, you’ll have to look here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (We felt they were awesome enough to deserve a wider audience)

Blast From The Past (Weekly Roundup:  (Mostly) Post Gencon Wrapup Edition)

Every DM knows that inspiration for their campaign is all around us.  From paintings, to literature, to actual history.  If you’re looking for historical inspiration, check out Illuminerdy‘s primer on the ancient Mexican city of Chichen Itza, complete with campaign and plot hook ideas.

Weekly Roundup – Podcast Editon

Just last night, we wrapped up the taping of our very first podcast. It’s going to be called “Level Up” and it’s aimed at PLAYERS (yes! I know!) who want advice and tips on character creation.  Keep an eye out for it right here on the site, we’ll be posting it soon.  And if you have a character creation question, or if you want ideas for the feat or power you should take next level, email us! The link is over there on the right. You could be featured in the next podcast! And now, on to the articles…

Someone on Twitter (sorry, don’t remember who) pointed us to David Ewalt’s Forbes blog, where this week he talked about how to get started in D&D.  In the wake of NBC’s “Community” episode featuring the game, many people are wondering how the game is played.  And of course, he suggests The Red Box.

The Dungeon’s Master had two different articles this week that caught our eye.  The first is a list of six items every adventuring party should have; there are some interesting items there that you may have overlooked.  The second was an article discussing ways to make sure everyone at the table is involved in a skill challenge.  This is especially important for groups that like to roleplay a lot.  We suggest you check both articles out.

Tarrasqueous had some interesting homebrew Gamma World “monsters” called “Gamma Portals.”  This was especially interesting to us, as we just finished the first Gamma World novel “Sooner Dead” where “ripples,” similar to Gamma Portals, featured prominently.  Kind of neat to see some crunch put to the fluff in the novels.

At-Will‘s Ryven started a great discussion of WotC’s plans to introduce multiclassing to 4th edition.  But really, the discussion is only started, and there is still a lot of speculation, as we do not have WotC’s actual mechanics in front of us.  Still, it’s fun to add to the discussion!

RPG Musings had a great article on roleplaying that everyone should read.  We especially like the idea of “taking ownership of the character’s actions,” and how that informs the way a player describes what the character does.

Finally, a non-D&D related blog article. On Twitter this week, @joyofgeek pointed us to Rands in Repose who wrote an article entitled “The Nerd Handbook.” How much of it do you recognize in yourself?

We’d love to find your blog! Leave a link in the comments!