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Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Arena: Vault Of The Spider Queen

I’m going to preface this one by saying: I could have done better. In fact, I had much bigger plans for this piece. On the other hand, sometimes the results can be stunning when there’s  a deadline looming. For me, this was the case – not in quality, but rather I learned a lot about how to work quickly. I usually take my time – too much time – and when I made this piece I didn’t have that luxury. So I was forced to make decisions quickly, which was good for me.  In fact, I kind of live tweeted the process. You can see the board go from zero to complete through a string of tweets I did, which is kind of interesting. Here they are: Continue reading

Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Terrain: Run!

With Gencon coming up this week, it’s time to post the three Fourthcore Team Deathmatch arenas I made for the tournament of champions this year. We’re going to start with the final map because it’s kind of simple, tomorrow is the Mortal Kombat arena, and on Wednesday, you’ll get to see The Vault of the Spider Queen. Continue reading

Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Terrain: The Citadel Revised

I’m only doing two terrains for the Gencon Fourthcore Deathmatch this year. The first one can be found here.

This second one is actually a reimagining of a map I did for last year’s Gencon event. (For the record, I didn’t do the reimagining, I’m just the terrain guy.) The first Citadel was much bigger, and had less “interest” than this one. This revised version isn’t symmetrical, and has lots of movement complications – difficult terrain, lava river, varying heights. I actually played on this map a month or so ago, and it was quite fun. I think the Gencon contestants are going to enjoy it. Ok, on to the pictures (because I know that’s why you’re really here).

First, here’s the map I was working off: (as always, click any picture for bigger) Continue reading

Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Map: Mutiny on the Hellstrider

A few weeks ago, just before I got the chance to play in the Charm City Gameday Fourthcore Team Deathmatch, I emailed C. Steven Ross with an idea to make a deathmatch map on a ship sailing in a sea of lava. I had so much fun playing in the deathmatch that I decided to realize that map myself. Of course, I love making the deathmatch terrains, and I really believe they add something great to the deathmatch experience, so I wanted to make the map resemble something that could be made and used in a match. Continue reading

Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Terrain: Court of the Storm Lord

Click any pic for big version

You may recall that last year I made some terrains for the Gencon Fourthcore Team Deathmatch. This weekend will be my first deathmatch as a participant, so I thought I’d make a terrain that I’d actually get to use. I’ll be at the Charm City Gameday, and the three maps we’ll be using are Slaughterhouse, Citadel, and Court of the Storm Lord.

I made Slaughterhouse for Gencon last year. I also made Citadel, though the current version is different than the one I made. However, Court of the Storm Lord was totally new to me, and the map looked do-able and intriguing, so I decided to bring it to life. Continue reading

Fourthcore Team Deathmatch: The Final Model

I’m still decompressing from Gencon, so I’m not up to writing a full-on article at this point, but expect several posts about my Gencon experiences in the coming weeks.  For now, I wanted to reveal the pictures of the final Fourthcore Team Deathmatch model that I made.  This map was the championship map, where the final two teams battled it out for victory.  If you want to know more about the mechanics of this map, check out C. Steven Ross’s blog DMG p. 42 where he outlines all the features and hazards of this map that he designed.  Also, if you missed pictures of the other two models, you can find them here.

Here is the map that I was working off of.  I think I bugged Steven at least a half dozen times for clarifications about this particular map since it is so rich with special features and miscellaneous terrain pieces.  If you’ve played Revenge of the Iron Lich, you may recognize it, as the map is a condensed version of that dungeon. (Click any picture to enlarge)

And here are the pictures of the finished model.  I did not have time to set up the model and photograph it at home, so I apologize for the crappy lighting and quality.  I was working with flourescent lights and a point n shoot camera.

Overhead view of the entire map

The "floating" symbol of the heisarch I printed on a transparency. Too bad it doesn't show up well against the black tablecloth...

I "reinterpreted" the demon face to match my skill level with Sculpey. The statues are Reaper minis.

The boiling lake of mithril is water effects painted metallic (Boltgun Metal).  You know about the insubstantial staircase if you read this blog regularly.  The coffins are by Showcase Terrain; I found them on eBay by searching “Dwarven Forge Coffin,” though you can also get them through the Showcase Terrain website.

The skeleton on a throne holding the deck of mortals is an approximation using a Reaper mini.

All the metallic walls and platforms are simply cardboard spray painted silver.  The huge cube in the middle is made out of wood, and I’ll be going into detail as to how I made that in a future blog post (I didn’t get it right on the first try, and thought my process might be informative)

This map had a lot going on mechanically, and I give Steven Ross a huge kudos for being able to keep track of it all as he ran the event.  I have some more thoughts on this event, but you’ll have to listen to our podcast this week for those, as well as some other Gencon thoughts.

Have any questions about specific pieces of this map that I didn’t highlight? Ask away!

Fourthcore Team Deathmatch: Model Pictures

A couple of months back, I heard about the Fourthcore Team Deathmatch going on at Gencon this year.  I was very excited about this event, as I have long thought the D&D rules could easily support team PvP play, as long as the players were not too attached to their characters.  So, I contacted C. Steven Ross, the organizer of the event, and arranged to make some custom 3D models of the maps.  I will be bringing them to Gencon, and a few lucky teams will be playing on the models instead of battlemaps.  (I have no idea how that will be decided, and I won’t be involved in that process.)  I will also be selling these models after the deathmatch, so I’ve included some pictures of the disassembled components.  The third, secret map will also be for sale.  It’s a dungeon map, and will be Dwarven Forge compatible.  Any models not sold at Gencon will go up on Ebay.  The the original maps that I was using as plans for the models are found here, at the DMG p.42: Actions the Rules Don’t Cover blog. 

Click any picture to enlarge

 The Slaughterhouse 
The “crystalline orb” in the center is the nailgun trigger, and the demonic faces on the walls are what shoot the nails.  The maps are identical; I used pillars to block off the “diagonal half squares” from the original map.

 Here is the base map I was using to design the model, from the DMG Pg. 42 website: 

   And here are the  pictures of the finished model:


Overview: Fully Assembled

Side view, showing two levels

Super big closeup (click for full size)

Top level removed, menacing meat grinder

Closeup of the meat grinder

Nailgun Origination Squares

Closeup of pillars, can see the paint job

I tried to make the arena as modular as possible so that it can be used for many different things.  Pictured below are all the separate components.  By inserting Dwarven forge floor tiles between the wall/floor sections, the walls can be turned into an arena.  Also, the meat grinder comes out, and turns into a bottomless pit or a “boxing ring.”  And of course, there are the four wells, “crystalline orb,” and sixteen pillars. 

All the separate components. The meat grinder comes out to turn into a fighting pit or hole.

The Citadel   
My favorite part of this map is the piece I didn’t make.  Gregwa made the treasure pile in the middle of the map, which includes scrolls, a treasure chest, a staff, and even a gauntlet!  The front gates open in two layers – a wooden gate, and metal gates behind that.  C. Steven Ross will be adding the catapults and ballistas at Gencon.  The four walls come apart so that they can be rearranged into other configurations.

Here is the base map I was using to design the model: 


  And here are the pics of the finished model: 

From Above

Side View

The front gate, fully closed

Wooden door open, gate closed

Front Gate, fully open

Treasure pile, made by Gregwa

Boiling pools of blood

Pitch pits

All the removable pieces

The walls come apart in four sections, and are not attached to the base board.

Hope you enjoy them.  Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, and I’ll be happy to answer them.