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Game Night: Seasons

This post is part of the Game Night Carnival in which RPG bloggers talk about some of their favorite board games. There’s a link to the Game Night homepage at the bottom of the article.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Washington DC and was fortunate enough that my trip coincided with the Labyrinth Game Store’s open board game night. Upon entering the store and making my way to the game tables, I overheard a few patrons talking. “Is that Seasons?” said one. “Yeah, I hear [the owner of the store] is totally addicted to this game right now.”  So I thought to myself, “Well, I need to try this game then.” And I did. And I found out why the proprietor loves the game so much.

First, a little disclaimer. I’ve only played Seasons once, and with a few other first-timers, so I may have missed some of the finer points of gameplay in this post. However, I had so much fun playing the game that I wanted to share the experience, and encourage you to go out and buy this new game – it’s a good one. Continue reading

Game Night: Pandemic

This blog post is a part of the Game Night Blog Carnival where RPG Bloggers talk about their favorite board games. If you’re an RPG Blogger and would like to join, check the FAQ.

Recently, I’ve really been enjoying the gameplay in cooperative games. There are actually many games that fall into this category – Forbidden Island, Arkham Horror, the new Zombicide (I’m hoping Going Last reviews this one soon…), and today’s pick, Pandemic.

A few months ago for Game Night Carnival, I reviewed Forbidden Island. That game still holds a popular place in our game nights as well as being a game I introduce to non-gamers. What a lot of people don’t know is that the same guy who designed Forbidden Island also designed a game called Pandemic. It shares a lot of the same traits, but is also much (much) harder, and also has a more mature feel to it. In my estimation, that’s a good thing. Continue reading

Game Night: Letter Roll

This post is part of the Game Night blog carnival in which some RPG bloggers review board games. You can check out the other participants here.

Letter roll is a very fun game if you’re into word games. It’s also fast to learn, and one of those games you can bring home and play with your parents.

Being made by Out of the Box Games (maker of “Apples to Apples”) means that, even if this is your first time playing, everyone should be familiar with the rules, including all nuances, in about two minutes. I have found that to hold true with all the Out Of The Box games I’ve played, which is, I suppose, where they get their name. Continue reading

Game Night: Forbidden Island

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I think it would be a pretty fair assessment to say that many RPG players like cooperative gameplay. That is, after all, what RPGs generally are – a cooperative gameplay experience. So when I see board games that feature cooperative gameplay over a competitive one, I am intrigued. And I think you will be too.

Forbidden Island is my first experience with a cooperative boardgame, and it has recently become one of our favorites. The scenario is this: a group of explorers are on a mysterious island that begins to sink. They need to capture the four treasures that they have come for and escape before the island sinks under their feet. Will they do it in time? Continue reading

Game Night: Dicefighter

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 My college had a semester every year called “J Term.” It only spanned one month (January), but packed an entire semester’s worth of one course into that time frame. Class was four hours a day. If you were smart, you picked an easy class with little homework. That left the rest of the month for goofing off. I got smart my second year – so did one of my roommates. For that January, we killed lots of hours (lots) on the fighting game Soul Calibur. So began a love affair with fighting games. I have fond memories of Soul Calibur (for the Sega Dreamcast!) and the Tekken family (Playstation). While I don’t have the time I used to for video gaming in general, I still enjoy a good fighting video game. (No, not Smash Bros. I said “good” fighting game.) Continue reading

Game Night: Carcassone Castle

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It seems as though the game Carcassone has gotten a boost recently not only from the growing popularity of “games you can’t buy at WalMart” (most notably, Settlers of Catan), but also because of its recent translation to the iPad. While there are several expansions for the base game, like the river expansion or the inns and cathedrals expansion, I never hear a lot of talk about the Carcassone spinoff “Carcassone Castle.” And that’s a shame, because it’s a really fun two player game that’s familiar enough to Carcassone players to pick up with zero learning curve, and different enough to make it a distinct game. Continue reading

Game Night: Thunderstone

This month, we’ll be doing something special with Game Night. All the bloggers will be reviewing the same game. If you want to see what the other participants thought, you can check out our list of bloggers from the Game Night homepage. And if you’re an RPG blogger, we’re always looking for more participants!

The whole concept of the Game Night blog carnival started because I realized that, by and large, people who play D&D also like to play other games. I wanted to make a  resource for the nights when your whole group can’t get together, and you end up playing board games. What games do D&D players like? The Game Night blog carnival seeks to answer that question.

Now, what if your D&D group only really likes fantasy games, or games with a D&D “feel” to them? Our list gets noticably shorter – Munchkin comes immediately to mind, though that game is too silly (and unbalanced) according to some. There are a few others as well, but not really that many. That’s why I was pleased to see the theme of  Thunderstone – it’s a fantasy themed deck building game from AEG (Alderac Games). Continue reading

Game Night: Monopoly Deal

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Back in August, The ID DM covered the quintisenntial boardgame classic, Monopoly. While I have a hate/hate relationship with that game, apparently because I’ve always played it wrong, I did find a version of Monopoly that I love.  It’s not a board game though.  It’s a card game. Continue reading

Game Night: Cthulhu Dice

This post is not only part of the Game Night Blog Carnival (which you can find here), but is also a nod to the “A Night In The Lonesome October” blog carnival being hosted this week by A Man’s Brain Attic. While it’s not RPG related material, I thought this game seemed appropriate to the theme.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems as though Cthulhu type games and merchandise have been growing more popular as of late. Yes, I know there’s an RPG that’s decades old, so what I’m talking about is not that. Still, all the Cthulhu talk led me to buy an H.P. Lovecraft collection for my Kindle, and later, to buy this game. Continue reading