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Weekly Roundup: Weekend of Cons Edition

Ok, so it’s no longer Gencon (obviously) but there are (at least) three other major cons going on this weekend: DragonCon in Atlanta, WorldCon in Chicago, and Pax Prime in Seattle. With all that gaming going on, we’re not sure there’s even anyone around to read the roundup! Well, for those of you not at a con this weekend, here are some articles to soothe the disappointment.

Speaking of Pax, if you’d like to watch this year’s D&D Celebrity game (with Chris Perkins, Wil Wheaton, and the Penny Arcade guys) you can find it here. Really good stuff, and always fun to watch them play. It will (most likely) also eventually be archived on the WotC D&D Youtube channel.

If you’d like to win a copy of the 3 D&D 1st Edition reprints, The Secret DM is running a contest until the end of the month.

Over at The Broken Binding, our Subcontracting Your Villain Work idea is being tried.

Sly Flourish had a great article on how to design your own zone wide environmental effects. There are also examples. Environmental effects can really add a special layer to an encounter to make it memorable.

Some Space To Think wrote two great posts on skills and skill systems which set a lot of people thinking. We noticed these further thoughts from 2d6 Cents, though we suspect there were probably more responses in the blogosphere.

If you wish you were still at Gencon, check out Brian Liberge’s Gencon interview with Shelly Mezzanoble about the Rise of the Underdark campaign over at Stuffer Shack.

Gaming As Women had an article this week with some questions to ask of characters to bring them closer together as a group. You know, make them less of a roving band of misfits, and more of a team.

IntWisCha tackled the subject of Social Conflict. No, not when your gamers argue about tactics. It’s about how to end conversational conflict in our games on a “high point” the same way a fight ends with the killing blow.

As a followup to last week’s talk about the very successful Reaper Bones Kickstarter, Wired had an article highlighting it. Apparently, it was the third biggest Kickstarter ever.

And finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point you to this week’s WotC playtester profile. They talk to friends of the show Alphastream and Going Last.

Blast From The Past (Weekly Roundup: Totally Unrelated Link Edition)

Roleplaying Tips blogged about how to get your players to hand you Checkov’s Gun.  If you don’t know what Checkov’s Gun is, you can check out TV Tropes.  Do so at your own peril (and only if you have several hours at your disposal).

Weekly Roundup: Your Date For The Ennies Edition

Just this week, the Ennies Dream Date auctions started. We were very surprised at the volume of awesome stuff you get if you win the WotC one – a bunch of primo merchandise, a private sit down with Mike Mearls to talk D&D Next (ask him anything!), a D&D session DM’d by Chris Perkins, and front row tickets to every WotC session at Gencon! Paizo also has a dream date auction up, and in the coming weeks, more dream date auctions will be added. You can find the WotC Dream Date auction here. The Paizo auction is here. And if you want to keep an eye on the other “Ennies Dream Date” auctions that haven’t started yet, the list is here. They include Jennifer Page (actress) and Tom Lommel (better known as The Dungeon Bastard, and is MCing the event).

Gaming As Women had a good article up this week about talking to people, especially those of the opposite sex. Let’s face it, gamers aren’t known for their social graces (broad generalization) and really, these tips are good for all people – gamers and otherwise.

The Penny Arcade TV series “Extra Credits” had a great video this week on power creep. While most of the argument lies around computer games, the theory also applies to many other games like Magic and yes, D&D. (We talked about power creep in our podcast a while ago too).

Alphastream tackled the history of magic items in D&D, and how it looks they’ll be treated in D&D Next. As an aside, there has been a lot of really great content on his blog recently, and we’d recommend checking out some other articles while you’re there.

Check out the megadungeon map by The Mule Abides this week – what struck us was how much it looked like dungeon geomorphs, except on a “dungeon level” scale versus a “dungeon room” scale.

Ben’s RPG Pile had a fun arts & crafts project for modular “heads on pikes.” When they’re modular like this, you’re sure to find quite a few places to add them as an element of foreshadowing the horror to about to befall the PCs.

Finally, Board Enterprises had a fun idea for coming up with NPC (and PC) names that doesn’t require one of those online generators.

Blast From The Past (Weekly Roundup: Secret Project Revealed Edition)

Geneome showed us how he made the Ritual Tower from the Dark Sun adventure “Revenge of the Marauders.”  This is as simple and inexpensive as a project can get, and it still looks great!