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Where to get Gamma World Miniatures: Monsters & A Wrap-Up

I have to say, when I started this series back in February, I had no idea it would take me into July! In fact, I originally thought that suggesting miniatures for specific origins would fit into one post. Really, go back and read the introduction.  Before I bring the series to a close, however, I wanted to tie up a few loose ends.  First, what good is it to have perfect PC minis on the board if there aren’t at least semi-appropriate monster minis?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to start a new series on Gamma World Monster Miniatures.  No, not even if you want me to.

If you’re looking for monsters, there is a great thread over at the Wizards of the Coast forums for that.  Plus, not only are suggestions for monsters, but there are also great suggestions for PCs as well, including some we didn’t mention in the series.

Second, I wanted to briefly explain why some origins didn’t get chosen for their own article.  Many origins (Mind Coercer, for example) do not manifest themselves as a specific physical form.  I’ve marked these origins “NSP.” In these cases, your appearance is either informed by your other origin, or simply “humanoid.” (We did cover humanoid minis in a previous installment.)  Other origins (Pyrokinetic, for example) manifest themselves as a minor part of the PC’s general appearance.  I’ve marked these origins “PNT.”  In these cases, applying paint in the appropriate areas is the way to go. Finally, there are a few origins (Reanimated, for example) where I thought the choices were obvious or too numerous to cite. I’ve marked these origins “OBV.”

Here are the origins we didn’t cover, and why.  In some cases, we’ve also listed places you can look to find appropriate miniatures.

Android – PNT I always think of androids as looking human, not metallic, though you could just paint a human mini a metallic color.  Pulp City miniatures also has a mini called “Androidia.”  If you want more robot, and less human, check out the Star Wars droids minis.
Antimatter Blaster – NSP
Cryokinetic – NSP, PNT
Doppelganger – NSP
Ectoplasmic – PNT, OBV
Electrokinetic – NSP
Empath – NSP
Engineered Human – OBV
Entropic – NSP
Exploding – NSP
Giant – OBV Half-giant and Goliath minis are a good place to start with this origin.
Gravity Controller – NSP
Hyprecognitive – NSP
Magnetic – NSP
Mind Breaker – NSP
Mind Coercer – NSP
Mythic – NSP
Nightmare – NSP If you want a truly horrific appearance, sift through the Dreamblade miniatures.
Photonic – NSP
Plaguebearer – NSP
Plastic – NSP Old Glory Miniatures has quite a few Plastic type minis in their Superfigs and New Superfigs lines.
Prescient – NSP
Pyrokinetic - NSP, PNT
Radioactive – NSP, PNT Pulp City miniatures has a few “radioactive” minis.
Reanimated – OBV
Reanimator – NSP
Regenerator - NSP
Seismic – NSP
Shapeshifter – NSP
Speedster – NSP
Telekinetic – NSP
Temporal – NSP
Vampiric – OBV

A few final notes.  I will be going back sometime after Gencon and rearranging the earlier lists to “Painted/Unpainted” categories rather than my originial “Primary/Secondary” categories.  And speaking of going back to the older articles, there were often times when I came across good miniatures for an origin that I had already covered.  In these cases, I went back and added the mini to the article; if you go through the older articles, you may find something that wasn’t there before.  I intend to keep adding to the lists in this way as I keep coming across good Gamma World miniatures.

I think that’s about it, thanks again for reading this series!

Where to get Gamma World Miniatures: Wheeled

This article is part of a series discussing sources for Gamma World PC miniatures.  The rest of the (rather large) series can be found in the “Article Series” link above.  As always, check with the manufacturer before buying if you are unsure of size.

Well, we made it! This is the last origin I will be covering, and I thank you for reading along as I did this series.  There will be one final wrap up post talking about monsters and the origins that didn’t get their own post, so stay tuned for that.  Until then, I give you: Wheeled!  I have to admit, this isn’t my favorite origin.  When I think wheeled, I think “vehicle,” and a hunk of metal that you ride around in doesn’t seem to fit into my idea of “origins.”  There are very few origins that reconcile well with wheeled (AI, for instance – Knight Rider, anyone?).  Of course, you could also go the “in a wheelchair” or “on a Segway” route if you really need your PC to be an organism.  Either way, here are some minis for your wheeled character.

Prepainted Miniatures

  • Professor Xavier (1, 2, 3, 4), Oracle – Heroclix The aforementioned “person in a wheelchair.”
  • One Man Army, Malefic Steamroller, Mobile Command, Wicked Carriage – Dreamblade I have a feeling the designers were imagining something like One Man Army when they came up with wheeled.
  • Monocycles (1, 2, 3, 4, from the Wolf Strike line) – Mechwarrior
  • Mechwarrior line – Mechwarrior Speaking of Mechwarrior, pretty much any of the Mechs could be considered “wheeled” in my book, even if they are technically lacking actual wheels. The miniatures line also has tanks and other vehicles (transports, ATVs, missle launchers, etc.).  You’ll have to sift through them yourself, because there’s too much for me to post here.  Choose a category that has “singles” after the name, and have at it.
  • R5 Astromech Droid, E522 Assassin Droid, R4 Astromech DroidR2-D2, R7 Astromech, Mouse Droid – Star Wars Miniatures There are also several flying droids, if you want to stretch the definition of “wheeled” (and hey, why not?).  The mouse droid would make a perfect Wheeled/Swarm.

Unpainted Miniatures

Where to get Gamma World Miniatures: Arachnoid

  • This entry is part of a series in which we discuss good sources for odd Gamma World PC origins.  For the rest of the series, check the Article Series link on the menu bar above.  As always, check with the manufacturer if you are unsure of miniature sizes.

The very first thing to consider when approaching the Arachnoid origin is this: do you want to be a straight-up “giant sentient spider”?  Or are you more half human/half spider? Or are you Spiderman?  Please not the last one.  Not even as “a joke.”  It wouldn’t be funny, trust me.  No matter what you choose, we’ve got you covered.  Of course, your main source of half human spiders are Drider miniatures, and there’s no shortage of giant spiders either, thanks to the Fantasy RPG community drawing on the Lord of the Rings trilogy for monsters.  We’ve even got some robot spiders for those of you with a second origin of AI or Android.   Enjoy!

Prepainted Minis

Unpainted Minis

Well, there’s only one origin to go – Wheeled – and then a final wrap up article!

Where to get Gamma World Minis: Alien

This article is part of a series where we discuss good places to find miniatures for your Gamma World PC.  For the rest of the series, check out the “Article Series” link above.  As always, if you are unsure about a mini’s size, check with the manufacturer.

If you read the Famine in Far-Go Gamma World sourcebook, it describes your alien appearance as being informed by your other origin.  And that’s fine, as far as it goes, but what if you want to look like the “classic” alien?  Or what if your other origin is “non-descript” like mind bender?  The trouble with finding alien minis isn’t their scarcity, because they’re not.  The biggest problem is scale.  Most Sci-Fi miniatures games are generally played in 15mm scale, which is far too small for a 25mm game (contrary to some of the suggestions I may or may not have made earlier in this series).  The other problem stems from the fact that aliens don’t have a “standard” appearance, especially in science fiction.  They could be anything that looks… well, alien.  All that to say, what follows is my best guess to what you might want for an alien mini.

Prepainted Minis

Duros Explorer, Rodian Scoundrel, Trandoshan MercenaryBith Black Sun Vigo, Djas Puhr, Rodian Hunt Master, Arcona Smuggler, Varactyl Wrangler, Neimoidan Soldier, Nautolan Soldier – Star Wars Miniatures  Oh man, there’s a lot here.  Certainly more than I have listed.  I didn’t sift through every single Star Wars mini, but if you want to sift through them yourself to find the perfect one for your PC, start here, and select any of the categories that have the word “singles” at the end.  You could also try searching by race.  For example, if you like the look of a Trandoshian, but not the specific mercenary mini I have listed, you should try searching “Trandoshian.”

Unpainted Minis

That’s about it for this installment.  Catch us next time, when hopefully we’ll have a longer list!

Where to Get Gamma World Miniatures: Demon

This article is part of a series where we explore good sources of Gamma World miniatures for your PC.  For the rest of the series, check the “Article Series” link in the menu bar.  As always, check size with the manufacturer before ordering.  We certainly don’t own all of these.

So, we’re getting down to the last few origins here.  I won’t be covering all the origins, as my original intent was to source only the more exotic ones.  Today’s origin may seem like I’m picking the low hanging fruit, and I kind of am.  But there aren’t that many more to do.  As I’m sure you can guess, there are lots and lots of demon minis out there, especially if you don’t restrict yourself to “stereotypical” demons, and consider minis that are simply monstrous or grotesque (Slaad are just one example I came across).  I’m not going to cover them all.  Not even close.  I’ll try to pick the best, and feel free to add any I missed in the comments.

Prepainted Miniatures

Unpainted Miniatures

After looking at all these minis, I think I would gravitate towards the more “grotesque” type minis for demons rather than the “horns, tail, and wings” side of the spectrum.  But that’s just me.  Which do you prefer?

Where To Find Gamma World Minis: Octopoid

This post is part of a series wherein we point readers to good miniatures to use for their Gamma World PCs.  The rest of the series can be found in the “Article Series” menu item.  As always, check with the manufacturer before buying if you are unsure of a mini’s size.

Legion of Gold describes the Octopoid origin as someone human in appearance, with an octopus head.  I don’t know if the designers realized it at the time (I’m guessing they did), but that pretty much describes a Mind Flayer.  And there are plenty of those, right?  I mean, it’s super easy to find Mind Flayer minis, right? Well, sort of.  See, Wizards of the Coast sort of has this copyright issue with people using the name “Mind Flayer” and “Illithid,” so if you’re going to be selling a mini that looks like a Mind Flayer, you’d better call it something else.  That’s kind of where the trouble in locating these minis comes from.  And of course, there’s the whole Cthulhu angle, but again, copyright issues.  Here’s what I came up with:

Prepainted Minis

Unpainted Minis

  • Psychic FlayerBlack Tree Designs
  • Bathalian – Reaper Bathalian is the “something else” that Reaper calls Mind Flayers.  They have a whole line, so there’s quite a few to choose from.
  • Krong the MightyOld Glory Miniatures
  • WalktapusArmorcast
  • KalovonBlack Orc Miniatures Mildly NSFW
  • Cult of the Octopus GodKhurasan Miniatures I’m fairly sure these are 15mm, though I could be wrong.  Scroll down to find the set.
  • Cthulhu PriestsTrollforged Miniatures There is also a Cthulhu high priest, though I don’t know if he’s too big (fits on a 40mm base).
  • Sir Herbert Sogoth SmytheFiendish Fabrications This one is great if your character is a refined English gentleman. With an octopus head.

Out of Print Miniatures

There were enough out of print “Octopoid” miniatures, that I thought they warranted their own category.  Try ebay, or other various resellers if you’re feeling especially adventurous.

  • Mind DisruptorDungeon Dwellers It’s the second one in the second row (item 1260A)
  • BthuluUnknown
  • QuytledMagnificent Egos I believe Noble Knight games has a feature where they will let you know if something comes in stock.
  • WalktapusLance & Laser and Ral Partha Scroll down about halfway.  These are both similar, and really cool.
  • Illithid, Mind FlayerRal Partha

Well kids, that’s about it for Octopoid.  Tune in next time for another fun Gamma World origin!!

Where To Get Gamma World Miniatures: Saurian

This article is part of an ongoing series where we talk about places to get Gamma World miniatures to represent your PC.  For the rest of the series, click the “Article Series” link on the menu bar, above.  Since we don’t own all these minis, we always recommend checking with the manufacturer if you’re unsure about scale.

So, a Saurian is basically a big dinosaur-man.  When I first started researching minis for this article, I Googled things like “dinosaur miniatures” and “dinosaur man miniatures.”  I didn’t have much luck.  Then, a few days later, I had a facepalm moment.  Of course!  There are plenty of dinosaur man miniatures out there, it’s just that they have different names, like Lizardfolk and Troglodytes and Drakes and Dragonborn.  And so we were off to the races.  While there are plenty of these minis in fantasy ranges, none of them have Omega Tech type weapons.  Modifying minis is always an option, though we would also recommend checking out the Garn Warriors from Khurasan minis or the Sligg Soldier from Reaper if Omega Tech is a must-have item for your mini.

Prepainted Miniatures

Unpainted Miniatures

  • Garn WarriorsKhurasan Miniatures Scroll down a bit to find them.  These look kind of crocodile, but sport Omega Tech.
  • He-Who-Kills (T-Rex)Khurasan Miniatures This is from the 15mm range, but it is a very large mini.  I can’t tell whether it would do well as a 25mm mini.
  • TroglodytesOtherworld Miniatures Scroll down, they’re the last three items on the page.
  • Lizardman WarriorsOtherworld Miniatures About 1/3 of the way down the page.
  • Sligg Soldier (with Omega Tech), Plus 4 more pages of Lizard themed minis – Reaper Miniatures  The featured mini in this article is the Lizardman Tyrant.
  • Warhammer Lizardman ArmyGames Workshop You can browse the selection via the menu on the left.  There are quite a few to choose from.
  • Lizardmen, Mini T-Rex – Ironwind Metals
  • NewtsMega Miniatures These are out of print (as Mega Miniatures is shortly to go out of business).  As of right now, the link provided takes you to a reseller.
  • LizardmenTrollforged Miniatures
  • Gorn – Heritage Miniatures These minis are also out of print.  I couldn’t find them anywhere other than ebay.
  • RogHydra Miniatures This one is unique because it doesn’t look like your typical carnivore dinosaur, but rather an herbivore dinosaur.
  • Francis GatorPulp City Miniatures Saurian/Redneck. What do you mean that’s not a real origin?

That’s just a start, really.  No self-respecting fantasy miniatures manufacturer is without lizardmen.  Which ones did I miss?

Where to get Gamma World Miniatures – Fungoid

This post is part of a series where we point players to good sources of miniatures for their Gamma World PCs.  For the rest of the series, check the “Article Series” link on the menu bar.  As always, check sizes before buying.  We don’t own all these minis, so there’s a chance our recommendations may be too big or small from time to time.

It was bound to happen.  I suspect some of you were waiting for it to happen.  Eventually, there was going to be a Gamma World origin that stumped me.  That’s not to say that I didn’t find any fungoid miniatures, but the selection this time around is definitely thin, especially if you’re looking for a prepainted mini.  But hey, you only need one, right?  By the way, one of the unpainteds would be a great place to start if you’re looking to start learning how to paint minis.  Just a thought.

Unpainted Miniatures

Prepainted Miniatures

Where to Find Gamma World Miniatures: Simian

This post is part of a series detailing miniatures for specific Gamma World origins.  For the rest of the series, click the “Article Series” link on the menu bar above.  And, as always, if you are unsure of a miniature’s scale, please contact the manufacturer before buying.

It’s time for Simian! Monkey men! Something I found fascinating was the range of “sentience” depicted in the minis presented.  Some of them exhibit merely an animal intelligence, all the way up through the ones that are fully dressed in human clothes and walking upright.  It wasn’t something I really thought about beforehand, but became rather obvious as I was sifting through minis.  It’s also something to think about if you create a character with the Simian origin.  What is his intelligence level?  Is he barely more than an animal? Or can he walk, talk, and dress like a human?


Prepainted Miniatures

Unpainted Miniatures

Next time: You decide!  Let us know which origin you’d like us to cover next in the comments!

Where to find Gamma World Miniatures: Gelatinous

This post is part of a series where we explore good places to find Gamma World PC minis.  If you want the rest of the series, click the “Article Series” link on the menu bar above.  Please contact the seller if you are unsure of a mini’s size before you buy it.  Caveat Emptor and all that.

So, if there’s one character origin that begs for a do-it-yourself mini, it’s gelatinous.  (A close second is wheeled, but we’ll get to that another time.)  I mean, how could you screw it up?  You’re supposed to be this grotesque…blob.  Even a three year old could do that.  I mean, look at that picture there – my three year old did that with some play doh and a toothpick.  Ok, maybe not, but getting some sculpy  and fashioning it into a blobby lump approximately 1″ around isn’t exactly rocket science.  You could probably also use water effects, which is a product I detailed in the “Well & Pool” post.  At any rate, if you’re not feeling  especially artsy and craftsy, here are some other ideas to bring your gelatinous mass to life.  As usual, I’ve divided your choices into “unpainted” and “prepainted,” though I’m not sure if I should have bothered with the unpainted.  I mean, if you’re the type of person to take the time to paint a mini, you could probably take the time to go the sculpy route.

So, there aren’t a ton of “ooze” minis out there, but if you think a little outside the box, you can find what you need.  What do I mean by “outside the box” you ask?  Elementals, of course.  There are plenty of those, and they’re this kind of amorphous creature, not unlike an ooze.  Personally, I favor water elementals for ooze-type minis, with air and fire tying for second, and earth a distant third.  Unless, of course, you’re a gelatinous seismic, in which case earth elementals are pretty much perfect.

Unpainted Minis

  • Slimes, Undead OozeReaper Undead Ooze?? Did someone say “Gelatinous Reanimated”??
  • All Elementals – Reaper Sorry, I’m getting lazy.
  • Make Your Own!! -  Hirst Arts Not for the faint of heart.
  • Air ElementalWest Wind Productions They probably have more, but I had a hard time navigating the store.

Prepainted Minis

So, just a heads up, I may be taking a break from this series for a while. I’m itching to do some other stuff, but when I come back to it, we’ll be covering….Simian