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Gamma World One Page Dungeon Winner!

gardengang-thumbI am pleased to announce the winner in the Gamma World Deck of Many Things contest! The winner is John Quirk, with his entry “Tangling With The Garden Gang.”

In this delve, the PCs are sent to a labyrinthine garden to recover an artifact stolen from the nearby settlement of Galt. Something about a deck of cards or something. Continue reading

Gamma World Deck Of Many Things Contest

Today is the last day to enter the Gamma World Deck of Many Things contest. So get on it!

In other news, I’ve been working on a system for “buying” Gamma World starting items, as an alternative to rolling randomly on a table.

I was hoping to post it today, but I really don’t feel it’s ready for prime time yet. Instead, to give you an idea of what I’m working with, here’s the list of starting items from all three books: Continue reading

Gamma World Deck of Many Things – A Contest!

DSC_0004 A few months ago, Michael Robles, the WotC Magic: The Gathering Community Brand Manager, posted a project on his blog. This project had nothing to do with M:tG however. No, it was a Gamma World Deck of Many Things. I was quite excited to see this, and even more excited to see that friend of the blog Wes Hall had done the awesome artwork for them. I wanted me a deck of that goodness.

But I didn’t want the “print and cut out yourself” version of these cards that was being offered in Microsoft Word format. No, I wanted cards – professionally printed, glossy, poker sized cards. So I contacted Wes to see if this was a possibility. He put some files together for me, and I sent them off to Superior POD to be printed.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. Continue reading

Warehouse 13 As An RPG Setting

Over the past year or so, I’ve heard several different people, in different venues, talk about how cool a D&D Warehouse 13 -inspired campaign would be. Granted, the fact that the show is centered around “magic items” makes it ripe for translation to high fantasy, but I think they’re missing something that could make their campaign so much better: Gamma World, both mechanically and thematically, is a much better fit for what they’re trying to do.

But first, for those of you who are wondering what the heck “Warehouse 13″ is: Warehouse 13 is a series on the SyFy channel that depicts a super secret warehouse in South Dakota. This warehouse was built to store “artifacts” that have magical properties both good and bad. There are two secret service agents assigned to the warehouse whose job it is to track down and recover newly discovered artifacts, and bring them to the warehouse. In the words of the show: “snag, bag, and tag.” If you want more details, and you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can (currently) stream the first three seasons. Given the chance, here is how I would run a Warehouse 13 themed Gamma World campaign. Continue reading

New Gamma World Monster: The Jitterbug

So, this post started out as a joke on Twitter last week. There was a conversation about a Gamma World game where @wesleykhall and @vanitygames were present. In that game, the party had a sort of “dance off” with a giant bug at one point. Not many details were given. At that point, @digitaldraco chimed in with, “Was it a jitterbug? (I’ll see myself out…)” Hardy har. But then again… that actually sounded like a Gamma World appropriate monster.

So I made a Jitterbug, and with the help of Wes’s awesome art skills, brought it to life. Continue reading

Gamma World Point Buy System

I’ve been interested lately in giving players the option of a less random method of character generation for Gamma World. Let me say first off though, I do understand the appeal of the random character generation, and I do believe that it adds to the game’s charm and fun. I think it’s a great mechanic, and if you want to keep it you should.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on a longer campaign for Gamma World, you want the players invested in their characters. One way to do that is to allow players to spend time designing their character, and making it their own rather than simply letting the dice make all the decisions as to what their character will look like. And of course, you’ll always have people who are turned off by Gamma World solely for its random character generation. This is for them, too. Continue reading

New Gamma World Mounts, Pt. 2: Drawing From Other Sources

Like this. Only much, MUCH bigger

Last week, when we explored Gamma World mounts, we looked at the mounts that already exist in the game (only 3) and added three new ones out of the existing pool of Gamma World monsters. Today, I’d like to look beyond the Gamma World monsters, and see if we can find some appropriate mounts in in the compendium of D&D monsters (I’m pretty sure we can). But first, I’d like to present a new Gamma World monster that I designed specifically to be a mount.

I can’t say that the idea for this creature as a mount is my own. In fact, it comes from a semi-canonical source: the Gamma World novel Red Sails in the Fallout. Set in Australia, the main character rides a giant budgie as a mount. In that spirit, I’ve statted out this giant, semi-flightless bird* for your players to use in your Gamma World game: Continue reading

New Gamma World Mounts

Mounted Podog

When I was doing the Gamma World Monster Index, I was surprised to find that there are only three “official” mounts in the game. When I say official, I mean creatures that include rules for being mounted. Those three are the Brutorz, Podog, and Jackalope. If you’re playing with the optional Vocation rules (Legion of Gold expansion), then you may want more options for players who choose the Beast Rider vocation. Today, I’m going to present three options from the official Gamma World monsters along with additions to their stat blocks. Next week I’ll revisit the topic by looking beyond the Gamma World monsters as well as fully statting out a new mount straight out of the Gamma World novel Red Sails in the Fallout. Let’s get started, shall we? Continue reading

Gamma World Cheat Sheet

Time for another Gamma World resource. Considering the amount of utility I’ve gotten out of the Sly Flourish DM Cheat Sheet, I thought I would put together something that had equal utility for my Gamma World game, in a slightly different format. And that is what I share with you today.

First, a peek under the hood. When I put together the Gamma World Monster Index, I also included various other monster information on a master spreadsheet. AC, defenses, hit points, and attacks for the monsters all went on the sheet. Then, I took all that raw data for all the Gamma World Monsters, and started looking for discernible patterns in the numbers. Most of the monster numbers fell into nice patterns for me to put on the cheat sheet. Some things did not. I attribute this to the fact that, in many cases, I just didn’t have enough data to work with. There just aren’t as many Gamma World monsters as there are D&D monsters, so it was difficult to simply take raw data and turn it into a cheat sheet. (For a good example of this, see the note on Minions, below) Continue reading