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Weekly Roundup: One Year Old Edition

Roving Band of Misfits turned one year old this week! It almost escaped our notice, but late Thursday night, we realized that it had been exactly a year since our first article. As a way of acknowledging that, we’re going to add a new feature to the Weekly Roundup. Every week, there will be a “Blast From The Past” link – an article from the same Weekly Roundup a year ago. Enjoy!

Apparently, D&D has cheat codes. Yeah, I know, right? Who knew? Check them out over at Dorkly.

 In case you missed it, The Evil GM has been turning Magic: The Gathering cards into 4th Edition D&D monsters. If you’re a fan of both games, this is a fun one to check out.

Back on Free RPG Day, we picked up a copy of the free Dungeon Crawl Classics module. After reading through it, we were intrigued. While neither D&D nor 4e, we thought we’d pass along some leaked adventure covers presented at Grognardia this week.

Rules as Unwritten had some thoughts about item rarity, as well as another way to motivate your players past the 5 minute workday – ideas to make more item powers ramp up with consecutive milestones.

Playing D&D With Porn Stars listed their idea of the perfect elements of sandbox games. Don’t worry, nothing NSFW in this post.

Finally, if you’re a fan of the Fourthcore Team Deathmatch put on by DMG p.42 Actions the Rules Don’t Cover check out some of the news items announced this week, including a play by post option.

Blast From The Past (Weekly Roundup: First Edition)

Sarah Darkmagic had these thoughts, as well as these followup thoughts about ritual use.  We certainly don’t see enough ritual use around our tables for various reasons, and would like to see more. 

Weekly Roundup – Gamma World Thoughts Edition

Instead of our usual random thoughts, we thought we’d open with a thought provoking quote from over at Grognardia this week: 

As I’ve now said at some length over the course of many posts, I don’t think Gamma World is any more inherently silly than any other RPG. What it is, however, is fairly demanding on the imaginations of referees and players alike. I think Gamma World is so often treated as a joke because it’s so much easier to do so than it is to try and make some sense of the often-bizarre elements it generates through the use of random tables (not to mention the equally bizarre elements it simply presents straightforwardly). Looked at this way, I feel a lot less annoyed at the subsequent history of the game than I originally had, but I’m more … disappointed? … that so few gamers have seen Gamma World for what it can be: a real workout for the imagination — not to mention a lot of fun.

Now, on to the articles….

We thought we’d start by mentioning Purple Pawn‘s weekly list of Kickstarter game projects.  You might also find other new games you’d like to try over there, since it’s, you know, a general gaming blog.

Over at This Is My Game, Eldritch Reverie decided to update the Wizard spell Cloudkill.  It did seem underpowered when compared to Stinking Cloud, and we like what he did to make it more powerful.

For all you math nerds out there, Dice of Doom posted a link to an article discussing the reason you feel like you roll more ones than statistics might suggest.  Hint: it’s because you do.

Intwischa (like this: Int Wis Cha… get it?) posted some tips on how to run a better 4e game.  Caution: if you’re a “play by the rules” type, this article may make you angry.  Or shake your head.  That’s ok, there’s plenty to think about there, and everyone could take to heart one or two of the tips.