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One Page Encounter Maps: Crypt of the Mountain King

I’m out of town on business this week, so I’ve asked Bogie, of the Dundjinni forums, to fill in for me. I was excited when he agreed, because every map I’ve seen of his is stunning. Below is a beautiful “one page” map for you to use in your game. It’s not actually one page, but based upon the poll I took last time, most of you won’t mind a little cutting and taping for this map. He also made a true one page encounter map for us that I will be presenting in the future. I hope you enjoy this map, and if you want to see more of his work, you can mosey on over to the forums. Continue reading

The Next D&D Living Campaign: Living through Today’s Organized Play Challenges

Today we have our last article in the “D&D Next Living Campaign” series, this time by Teos Abadia. Stay tuned though, because on Thursday, we’ll be posting a podcast which also discusses this topic. I’ve started a forum thread over at the Wizards LFR forums to discuss some of these ideas. Feel free to weigh in there, or in the comments here, or both.

Organized play (OP) programs exist for two basic reasons. One is to create ways for gamers to come together. The RPGA (Role Playing Games Association) began with this purpose as a sort of club to create gaming opportunities (especially at conventions), mirroring groups that existed in the ‘70s for miniature war games. Another reason is to promote an RPG product and encourage sales. Both can involve money – the RPGA used to charge a membership and many companies promote OP campaigns to sell product. The goals often intertwine. For example, D&D Encounters does a great job at bringing disparate gamers together that would otherwise be unable to find a weekly game, all while making sure those gamers know about (and hopefully buy) the latest books. Continue reading

The Next D&D Living Campaign: A Newbie’s Perspective

The title says “a newbie’s perspective.” That’s not entirely accurate. Sarah Darkmagic is very involved in the D&D community, as a blogger, podcaster, and freelancer for Wizards of the Coast. She has DMed home campaigns. She has run “learn to play” sessions at conventions. She does not, however, participate in Living Forgotten Realms or Ashes of Athas. I thought I would reach out to her, and get her perspective. What could the next living campaign do to get players like her involved?

When Benoit asked me to write this post, I got nervous, real nervous. I started playing D&D just 3 years ago and my organized play experience is limited to non-LFR activities. Sure, I’ve run games at PAX East, GenCon, and DDXP, but I haven’t run or played anything from the living campaigns like LFR or Ashes of Athas. You might ask why I should write anything at all then. It’s a good question; one I asked myself. The reason I’m writing is that I want organized play to do well, actually, I want it to be even better. I honestly believe living campaigns are part of that. And, to me, they are one of the few D&D groups that still intimidate the hell out of me (and some of my friends) and I would love for it to not be that way. So these suggestions come from that perspective and an honest and caring heart. Continue reading

What I would like to see from the D&D Next Living Campaign

I’ve started a forum thread over at the Wizards LFR forums to discuss some of these ideas. Feel free to weigh in there, or in the comments here, or both.

My experience as a Writing Director for Living Greyhawk and Living Forgotten Realms has led me to have… let’s be nice and call them “perspectives” on things that current and past Organized Play efforts are doing right and could do better at, and as a new iteration of D&D almost certainly means a new Living Campaign, it’s time to make some of those “perspectives” known (especially since these jokers have given me a platform to do so): Continue reading

Thoughts On A 5th Edition Living Campaign

I’ve started a forum thread over at the Wizards LFR forums to discuss some of these ideas. Feel free to weigh in there, or in the comments here, or both.

When the guys at Roving Band of Misfits asked me to write a bit about “What Do You Want from a 5E Living Campaign?” at first I didn’t know if I really had much to say. Having spent the last decade administering Living campaigns, writing for Living campaigns, DMing Living games for campaigns, and generally observing things on the other side of the table from the players, I didn’t think that what I wanted in a new campaign really mattered. I have been steeping myself in Living campaigns (or their equivalents) for way too long, and years ago I recognized that personal preference is only one piece in a very large and complex puzzle. Continue reading

Two Page Mini Delves: The Crystal Heart of Heldenfrost

This two page mini delve is a guest post by Clayton McFarland. He contacted me a few weeks ago about making one, and I was interested to see what someone else might do with the format. He made his own map, and came up with a really cool dungeon delve that’s very much in line with old school delves. I’m excited to try it out, and we’d love to hear feedback in the comments from others of you who decide to use it! And now here’s Clayton in his own words:

Continue reading

Why We Should Care About the Flumph (aka, Owlbears – WTF?)

It’s about time someone gave flumphs some 4th edition love. And that someone is going to be us. Sort of. Today we have a guest post by the venerable Alphastream, Ashes of Athas living campaign admin, and a renowned flumph apologist. Also, stay tuned for next Tuesday’s article where we will be making super easy flumph miniatures with another guest author!

Behold. The humble flumph.

Life isn’t always fair. Sometimes, for no real reason at all, a monster is forgotten. Or, worse yet, one monster is made fun of while another, of similar… um… bizarreness, gets to be on the cover of several monster books. This is the sad unfair story of the poor good flumph. Also, of the evil Owlbear, which no one should like. Continue reading