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Weekly Roundup: Winter is Coming Edition

By way of making up for not posting for the past week, we’ve decided to go “all in” this coming week.  We’ll be recording a podcast on Sunday (to post Monday), posting our Game Night article on Tuesday, and every other day this week will have articles for the Winter is Coming blog carnival.  Enjoy!

First up, if you’re looking for story ideas, check out the link posted by Risus TOTM this week. It’s a story idea generator over at the TV Tropes site. (If nothing else, this is a great way to waste even MORE time at the TV Tropes site…)

In the Eye of the Beholder spoke at length of the pros and cons of boxed text.  He also proposed a new way of presenting boxed text that is more streamlined and leaves room for a DM to leave his unique stamp on the situation.

Loremaster dealt with his thoughts on the (now extinct) “save or die” mechanic so prevalent in earlier editions.  It’s part of the “Dungeon Crawl System” series which deals with bringing an old school feel to 4th edition.

Speaking of old school, The ID DM got to play some Basic D&D again for the first time in years, and compared his first edition experience to fourth edition.

 There’s a great new series on This is My Game dealing with fun new uses for mundane items.  First up is the grappling hook.  (Also, check out the other new guest columns being written over there)

If you’re a DDI subscriber, be sure to check out Chatty DM‘s rules for 0 level characters in this month’s Dragon Magazine, as well as the adventure for 0 level characters in Dungeon.

Finally, someone on Twitter posted this article from Cooking and Hooking, who talked about a cool Hirst Arts gift she got for her husband. (No, not that kind of hooking)

Weekly Roundup – Last Call for Dungeon Geomorph Dice Edition

Just a reminder, pledges for the Dungeon Geomorph Dice Kickstarter project we mentioned are closing this week.  It’s already fully funded, so if you pledge to the project, you will definitely get the dice.  We thought we would also mention that there is a new $12 level pledge that gets you a deck of cards with all the maps instead of dice.  These will be just as useable with the supplements we’re talking about developing for them.  So if you’re not into the price, but like the idea, the card deck may be for you.  And just to reiterate, we don’t have any financial connection to this project – only an enthusiasm for what we think is a really cool product.  So go check it out!

Initiative Or What? had a cool article this week on different found objects that were useful as props for their D&D game.  We especially like the idea to use novelty ice cube trays for casting 3D terrain decorations.

Many blogs were talking about the new season of Encounters that kicked off this week, but we especially liked the coverage that Gnome Stew gave to The Dark Legacy of Evard.  We’ll be participating in at least some of this Encounters season, for the first time.

Eye of the Beholder, written by Greg Bilsland, had a great article on acting in character at the table.  Whether it’s just using the word “I” versus “my character,” or using a funny accent, there are some great tips in this article for players and DMs alike.

In honor of the recent Free Comic Book Day, we thought we would also mention why you should be reading the D&D comic.  Ok, not us.  You can find the article over at RPG Musings.  We look forward to the graphic novel collection next month.

Finally, in case you missed it, Benoit had a guest post over at Dungeon’s Master this week highlighting the Drow Cloud of Darkness for their Exploiting Racial Features series.

Until next week…. keep reading!

Weekly Roundup – 2010 In Review Edition

If you’re anything like us, today you’re unwinding from the holiday, sitting around with family, and most importantly, playing some games. It could be D&D, Gamma World, or maybe just a board game like Dixit. At any rate, the end of the year draws nigh, so we thought we’d dip into the 2010 archives of some of our favorite blogs.  No summaries this time because the list is longer than normal.  We’ll let the article titles speak for themselves. (Blogs with more than one author may get more than one mention…)

In the Eye of the Beholder – Heroic Actions in Skill Challenges

Newbie DMAs the World Scales…

Sarah DarkmagicEncouraging Ritual Use

Dungeon’s Master5 Ways to Include Rituals in Skill Challenge Design

Angry DMSetting The PCs Up To Fail

Daily EncounterHow Do I Write a Skill Challenge?

Sly FlourishMaking Terrain Fun

Dungeon’s MasterMore LFR Changes – Level Bands and Encounters Levels

At-WillSerious Skills Series

Critical HitsIs Your Home Campaign Organized?

Dice MonkeyPlayer vs. Character Knowledge

IcosahedrophiliaRewarding Fluff With Bonus Crunch

Dread Gazebo4e Plays Like a Video Game, and That’s Awesome

Dungeon’s Master8 Rules That Will Make You A Better DM

The WeemAlternate Goals in Combat

Critical Hits – The Final Stage of an RPG Group: Dissolution

Save Vs. DeathWriting the Hardest 4e Module, Ever: Part 0

This Is My GameEveryone Died, and Everyone Loved It!

What is your blog’s most popular 2010 article? Which of your 2010 articles are you most proud of? Let us know in the comments!