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Weekly Roundup: The Deal With The Podcast

If you’re a regular listener to our podcast, you will most certainly have noticed that we haven’t posted one recently. The brief explanation is that Hamblin has been very busy with work, and has been unable to find time to record. No worries though, he should be freed up again around the end of December/beginning of January, and we plan to begin recording a regular podcast again. Until then, we’ll try and get at least one more out. So now you know.

We don’t usually link to ourselves, but in case you missed it, there’s one week left to win a Hirst Arts dice tower.

This article by Summerbird has an idea that’s too good to pass over even though it’s a few weeks old. Remember all those promo cards for games you’ll never play that you got at Gencon? Turns out you shouldn’t have trashed them.

Rules as Unwritten had some great ideas on how to use keywords in 4e. Power keywords like primal, cold, or divine have not been used up to their potential according to the author, and he proposes a truly radical way of using them that could turn your game on its head. (Classless D&D system, anyone?)

Have you been looking for some non-traditional adventure hooks? Check out Dungeon’s Master this week, where they list 10 adventure hooks your characters can find in a library. Lots of great ideas!

If you were a fan of the D&D cartoon from back in the day, you may want to check out the series “bible” which was posted on Geek Flag this week.

The Hydra DM posted a level 30 character as a monster stat block this past week, building on this older article by The ID DM.

Finally, congratulations to Leonine Roar, who just posted their 100th article! Check out their archives when you get a chance, lots of good stuff there!

Blast from the past (Weekly Roundup: Big Week for WotC Edition)

We enjoyed reading about the unique way that Thadeousc over at This Is My Game is running his new campaign.  No, we won’t tell you.  You’ll have to read about it yourself.

Note: We’ve been thinking about trying this for some time now – ideas like this that stick in our head is what makes reading other blogs great!


Weekly Roundup: 2011 Ennie Nominations Edition

Well, the Ennie nominations were announced this week.  You can check them out here; perhaps you’ll see some names, products, and blogs you recognize. And no, we don’t mean this blog.  But it is good to see our fellow bloggers getting recognition, and some for things that aren’t even blogging!  Speaking of fellow bloggers…

At Daily Encounter this week, Obsidian Crane pondered the criteria for labeling a D&D adventure as a “classic.”  Lots of good points here, and definitely worth a read.

Blood, Sweat, and Dice talked about the positive effects of nixing the Raise Dead ritual.  We like the idea of making death a final event in a character’s life.  Sometimes it feels like raise dead is too… easy.

Leonine Roar wrote a basic primer on ways to increase an encounter’s challenge and damage.  While this may or may not be information you’ve read elsewhere, a reminder is always good.

Stuffer Shack listed the 50 things about D&D you won’t find in the books.  We found ourselves chuckling and nodding our heads at most of them.  True… so true…

Finally, if you missed the cute story about the little girl who interrupted her dad’s D&D game, and the ensuing hilarity, you can read about it on the WotC forums here.

What great article did we miss this week?  Leave it in the comments!