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Two Page Mini Delves: The Secret of the Pale Reaver

 This article is part of the May of the Dead blog carnival. For lots (and lots) more May of the Dead goodness, check out Going Last’s carnival page here.

There are a few things that I’m trying out with this two page delve. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not I was successful. Of all the two page delves I’ve made thus far, this was the one I really wish I could have playtested and tweaked. Unfortunately, this was not an option. So even if you don’t think the delve would work out for your group as presented, at the very least this will hopefully be a starting point for ideas.

I tried out an isometric view when I made the map. It turns out that isometric dungeons are quite easy to make, as long as you have some isometric graph paper. You can print out isometric graph paper for free online; I used at 1/4″ grid. I also drew the map with a 6B pencil instead of the usual black gel pen. You’ll have to let me know if you like the look better or worse than the cleaner lines of a pen.

And of course this is my first shot at horror. There isn’t really a way to “win” this delve, only a way to survive. Many players might not like that. I tried to incorporate advice on horror writing that I’ve found in various places – I’ve used lots of foreshadowing before the final “encounter” and included advice for the DM to generate suspense during the delve.

The map for this dungeon is an exact replica of the Fat Dragon Games “Sea Dragon” model, which I talked about last week. You certainly don’t need the model to run the delve, but if you want a 3D representation on the table, that’s where you can get one.

 You can download the mini delve here.

The Pale Reaver

May Of The Dead: Papercraft Ghost Ship

As you know, this month Going Last is hosting the May of the Dead blog carnival. (You can click here to see the other articles, but not until you’ve read mine.) When they announced the carnival, one of the first things that came to mind for me was “ghost ship.”

This is actually an experiment that came to mind when I was making World Works Games’ (WWG) “Sea Maiden,” but instead I decided to try out someone else’s papercraft – I went with the “Sea Dragon” by Fat Dragon Games. The idea is this: instead of printing the ship out in full color, could you create a simple ghostly effect just by printing in black and white? Continue reading

Interesting Encounters: The Shaman’s Unhallowed Grove

This post is part of the May of the Dead blogfest being run by Going Last. If you’d like more undead type goodness, head over here for lots more.

This particular encounter has been kicking around in my head for a while now, but it was too… unformed for me to feel comfortable publishing. Fortunately, the May of the Dead blogfest gave me a kickstart; by applying an undead theme to the encounter, it now had purpose and flavor.

I’m not going to dictate the specific background to the encounter in order to give you the opportunity to take it in your own direction. However, the very basic setup is this: a shaman is attempting to use lightning to animate or raise a body. He has converted a ring of standing stones into a primal conduit to channel a storm’s energy into the body, which lays in the center on a slab of stone. His motivations, backstory, and the plot leading up to the encounter, I leave up to you. Sounds very “Frankenstein’s Monster”? Yup, it’s supposed to. Except in this case, instead of using science, the Good Doctor is using primal power. Continue reading

May of the Dead: Horde Zombies

Zombie Horde by The Meat Grinder at DeviantArt

This post is part of the May of the Dead blogfest being run by the guys at Going Last. There are a lot of other bloggers contributing all sorts of undead content for all sorts of RPG games. For more of this May of the Dead goodness (badness?) you can click through to the blogfest homepage here.

Haven’t zombies been done to death? (Pun intended) In the compendium, we have 61 zombies. 61! of just one type of creature. What more can I add to the mix? I don’t suppose too much, but let’s take a crack at it anyways. It is, after all, May of the Dead… Continue reading