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May of the Dead: Horde Zombies

Zombie Horde by The Meat Grinder at DeviantArt

This post is part of the May of the Dead blogfest being run by the guys at Going Last. There are a lot of other bloggers contributing all sorts of undead content for all sorts of RPG games. For more of this May of the Dead goodness (badness?) you can click through to the blogfest homepage here.

Haven’t zombies been done to death? (Pun intended) In the compendium, we have 61 zombies. 61! of just one type of creature. What more can I add to the mix? I don’t suppose too much, but let’s take a crack at it anyways. It is, after all, May of the Dead… Continue reading

Converting D&D Monsters to Gamma World, Part I

Wait...a Displacer Beast? And a dude with a laser gun??

As I’ve mentioned here recently, I’ve started a Gamma World campaign with my play group. Which of course means that you will be subjected to the occasional Gamma World article. (Not that you haven’t in the past)

I love the Gamma World game. I just wish there were more monsters. What’s a good GM to do? Well, if the title of this article is any indication, they simply need to port some D&D monsters into the setting. There is an abundance of D&D monsters out there, plus the 4e and Gamma World systems are built on the same chassis, so it should be easy to bring them over right? Just check out the image at the top from page 33 of the Gamma World rulebook… but wait. Displacer Beasts aren’t in any of the Gamma World books… Continue reading

Why We Should Care About the Flumph (aka, Owlbears – WTF?)

It’s about time someone gave flumphs some 4th edition love. And that someone is going to be us. Sort of. Today we have a guest post by the venerable Alphastream, Ashes of Athas living campaign admin, and a renowned flumph apologist. Also, stay tuned for next Tuesday’s article where we will be making super easy flumph miniatures with another guest author!

Behold. The humble flumph.

Life isn’t always fair. Sometimes, for no real reason at all, a monster is forgotten. Or, worse yet, one monster is made fun of while another, of similar… um… bizarreness, gets to be on the cover of several monster books. This is the sad unfair story of the poor good flumph. Also, of the evil Owlbear, which no one should like. Continue reading

Winter is Coming: Snow Golem

This post is part of the Winter is Coming blog carnival hosted by Wombat’s Gaming Den of Iniquity.  There’s a lot of other great content that was produced by a lot of great blogs, so check out the link at the end of the article if you want more winter themed stuff.

This is what happens when Frosty gets up on the wrong side of the bed

Just last week I got to take the new, very much improved Monster Builder out for a spin.  Playing around with it was a lot of fun, and while I did struggle at a few places, it’s fairly easy to use and learn.  I’ll be the first to admit that I may have gotten a little carried away with this monster, mostly because I wanted to try everything out.  I will also confess that it is 100% unplaytested.  But hey, that’s what your group is for, right?

I give you the Snow Golem, level 16 Solo, as well as the required stat block for the triggered action “Missing Chunks” Snow Man.  Let me know what you think:

Here also are the *.monster files for the Snow Golem and Snow Man available for download. You can upload them directly into the Monster Builder to tweak (or so I’m told).

And that concludes our offerings here at Roving Band of Misfits for the Winter is Coming blog carnival.  We hope you’ve enjoyed all the different content produced by each and every blogger that contributed.  We’re just happy to have been a part of it.  If you missed the other offerings, you can check them out here.  Oh, and there will be a little Winter is Coming bonus link from us in the Weekly Roundup tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that.

Click for a PDF of all the Winter is Coming stat blocks I did this week.