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New Gamma World Monster: The Jitterbug

So, this post started out as a joke on Twitter last week. There was a conversation about a Gamma World game where @wesleykhall and @vanitygames were present. In that game, the party had a sort of “dance off” with a giant bug at one point. Not many details were given. At that point, @digitaldraco chimed in with, “Was it a jitterbug? (I’ll see myself out…)” Hardy har. But then again… that actually sounded like a Gamma World appropriate monster.

So I made a Jitterbug, and with the help of Wes’s awesome art skills, brought it to life. Continue reading

New Gamma World Mounts, Pt. 2: Drawing From Other Sources

Like this. Only much, MUCH bigger

Last week, when we explored Gamma World mounts, we looked at the mounts that already exist in the game (only 3) and added three new ones out of the existing pool of Gamma World monsters. Today, I’d like to look beyond the Gamma World monsters, and see if we can find some appropriate mounts in in the compendium of D&D monsters (I’m pretty sure we can). But first, I’d like to present a new Gamma World monster that I designed specifically to be a mount.

I can’t say that the idea for this creature as a mount is my own. In fact, it comes from a semi-canonical source: the Gamma World novel Red Sails in the Fallout. Set in Australia, the main character rides a giant budgie as a mount. In that spirit, I’ve statted out this giant, semi-flightless bird* for your players to use in your Gamma World game: Continue reading

The Gamma World Monster Index

What follows has been, for the past few weeks, a labor of love. It grew out of a desire to have a sortable list of Gamma World monsters, as well as a consolidated place for me to find the right monster for every encounter in one place. In the process, I learned a lot about Gamma World monsters, and got a real feel for the game and the challenges presented by it. This little project took a bit longer than I expected, though there was also a bit more to it than I’m presenting here – more on that next week. For now, an introduction to the Gamma World monster index: Continue reading

How To Create An Interesting Solo In 10 Seconds

The idea for this post grew out of a desire to use the alien miniature I talked about a few weeks ago in the Gamma World game I’m running. Before you click away because this is “another Gamma World article,” you need to know that, while the application (for me) was a Gamma World one, the theory sits squarely on the engine that runs both D&D and Gamma World. In other words, you can use this idea in your D&D game, too. Continue reading

Converting D&D Monsters To Gamma World, Part III


Last week, I started listing some starting points to look for D&D monsters that might work well in your Gamma World game. There are two last categories I’d like to explore, and then I have some general advice for D&D monsters in Gamma World that I will share.

Probably one of the very best searches you can do on the D&D compendium if you’re looking for Gamma World type monsters is Continue reading

Converting D&D Monsters To Gamma World, Part II

In the first installment of this mini series, I discussed one of the problems facing DMs who want to port D&D monsters into Gamma World – namely, how to convert energy typed damage between systems. The answer to the problem was fairly straightforward. In this installment, I’m going to tackle a problem whose answer is far less objective. Which D&D monsters are appropriate for Gamma World? Put another way: is there an easy way to find D&D monsters that are appropriate for Gamma World? The answer to the first question is, as I hinted, highly subjective. In the end, you decide what’s appropriate for your game, not me. If you think dragons and orcs will make your Gamma World game awesome, who am I to judge? Make your game awesome! But I do think we can point to some monsters that seem to fit better with the published Gamma World setting, as it stands in the books. The answer to the second question hinges on the first – we need to agree on what types of D&D monsters are appropriate for Gamma World first. Continue reading