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Weekly Roundup – New Author Edition

Yup, here we are, as promised, on Saturday morning.  Hope you’ve got your coffee in hand.  Before we get to the articles, we’d like to welcome Gregwa to our ranks of authors.  He’s just started the “How to Photograph Miniatures” series; we’re already looking forward to the future installments, as well as other things he may want to write about.  Speaking of which, here’s what some other people wrote about this week:

The Id DM resurrected the age-old argument of “rails vs. sandbox” to give it another go round.  His conclusion? Both!

We were excited to read about a new (to us) supplier of 3d terrain at Ben’s RPG Pile.  Read the article, look at the pictures, and check out the really affordable 3d terrain.

Geek Ken had another great article over at This is My Game about DMing for one.  (We highlighted his condition markers last week.)  While we’ve never done it, we’re intrigued by the idea, and would like to try it someday.

Big time kudos goes out to NewbieDM for his RPGKids! mention in the mega-blog Boing Boing.

Finally, over at The Tao of D&D there was a very thoughtful article on the role of gods and divinity in D&D.  In short, do the gods care about what your heroes do? Ok, the issue he presents is a little more complex than that, but you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

We hope you enjoy the weekly roundup on its new day, and be sure to check out the podcast tomorrow.  Leave us comments if we missed a killer article this week!

Weekly Roundup – Game Design Challenge Edition

Recently, we were browsing the interwebs, and stumbled across The Thousand Year Game design challenge. It piqued our interest, as we have a (non-RPG) game that we were developing at one point, but eventually shelved it for lack of time.  Time to dust off the notes, and finish it!

Let’s kick things off with a post by NewbieDM wondering where his group’s 4e burnout is coming from.  He has a theory, though we’re not sure that complexity, from the player’s side, has changed that much since the last edition.

You should also check out the “Anti-Defender” rant over at The Dungeon’s Master.  We’ll note that this is a guest post – at any rate, feel free to weigh in with your thoughts.

Dave the Game over at Critical Hits had such great things to say about Mage: The Ascension, that we wanted to get our hands on a copy just to see what all the love was about.

Points of Light was one of the many places talking about D&D’s upcoming “Fortune Cards,” which will function something like Gamma World’s alpha mutation cards, or if you remember them, the living campaigns’ rewards cards.

Alex Schroeder pointed us to a few options for creating a campaign wiki, and gave us a few reasons why we should start one.

Finally, Blog of Holding posted some unofficial Gamma World errata.  Check out what they think is broken about the game.  They have stuff from both the basic set and the Famine in Far-Go expansion. 

Leave shameless self-promotion for your blog in the comments!

Weekly Roundup – Big Excel Project

Well, this week we’ve been working on a big Excel project.  We don’t want to tip our hand too much here, but if you watch our Twitter feed, you’ve got a pretty good clue.  Keep an eye out in the next week or so for what it is…and now, on to the articles!!

NewbieDM gave his take on what a 1 player campaign might look like.  While it’s mostly conjecture at this point, we hope he actually tries some of his ideas, and shares that, too.

Bartoneus over at Critical Hits wrote another installment of “The Architect DM.”  It’s about worldbuilding, though earlier articles in the series were on a smaller scale – room building and dungeon building.  We recommend this article, as well at the preceding articles in the series.

PsychoPez at RPG Musings gave us a great review on the differences between the new Virtual Table for DDI subscribers, and the long-standing (free) MapTools.  Worth a read, and if you have time, check out the videos, too.

Unnatural 20 posted an article with some great ideas for keeping your players engaged between sessions.  Great advice for those of us who don’t get to play every week. 

Finally, Tracy over at Troll in the Corner mused upon why we game.  We can relate to her frustration with trying to cram all sorts of too much into the holiday season.

Did we overlook what YOU wrote this week?  Leave a link in the comments!!