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Weekly Roundup: May Of The Dead Is Coming Edition

We haven’t seen a blogfest in a while. If you recall, we participated in Winter is Coming, A Night in the Lonesome October, and Got Loot. Starting this week, there will be another blogfest happening for the entire month of May. This one, entitled May of the Dead will be hosted by the guys at Going Last. As a participating blog, we got an early look at the calendar. It looks like there’s a lot of fun stuff lined up. We’ve also got three articles in the queue; keep an eye out for the first one this Friday.

The biggest news this week was the departure of Monte Cook from the D&D Next team. The announcement at his blog was short and vague, and others had thoughts as well. (The previous is, of course, only one opinion. We’re sure with a search, you’ll turn up more speculation than we care to read.)

Rules as UNWritten this week posted some thoughts about the Alchemy rules, both for the current edition and the next. Should all consumables simply be alchemical items, or is there something to be gained by categorizing some as magic?

Over at Geek’s Dream Girl we got a little advice on bringing non-gamers to the table. Great advice for that inevitable game night when you’re one short and your mom is the only one around.

Then there was the announcement this week at Larval Subjects of a new book coming out entitled Dungeons & Dragons & Philosophy. Might be worth checking out.

RPG Athenaeum is doing a lot of great work bringing true medieval  history to your D&D game. For example, this week’s article on real professions that you’ve probably never given to an NPC.

Finally, don’t forget about the two contests going on – Stuffer Shack‘s Site of the Year contest has its winner announced tomorrow, and tomorrow is also the deadline to get your One Page Dungeon in! (There’s still time. Really. It’s just a page. Get on it!)

Blast From The Past (Weekly Roundup: Gamma World Thoughts Edition)

Intwischa (like this: Int Wis Cha… get it?) posted some tips on how to run a better 4e game.  Caution: if you’re a “play by the rules” type, this article may make you angry.  Or shake your head.  That’s ok, there’s plenty to think about there, and everyone could take to heart one or two of the tips.

Weekly Roundup: Coming Up On 200 Edition

It’s crazy for us to think, but it seems as though we’re coming up on 200 posts. This one is 198 – it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating 100 – unfortunately, we won’t be doing a giveaway for 200 since we just did a giveaway for our 1 year anniversary. Hopefully, by pointing you to some articles we can distract you from that, and deflect some of the nerd rage.

Arcane Springboard had a great analysis of the “Peak/End” rule and how it applies to a gaming session and even a campaign. Check it out at This Is My Game.

If you’re looking for a design challenge this week, check out A Walk In The Dark. A treasure vault has been presented, and there’s a contest to populate it!

Daily Encounter has announced a new blog carnival. If you recall, we participated in “Winter is Coming” and “A Night In The Lonesome October,” and will be participating in this one as well. They also posted a great article this week by guest author @DigitalDraco entitled “Back to Basics.”

Initiative or What? had some ideas to “automate” monsters. Make some general action “bundles” and roll a die to see what they do. Check out the specifics, and weigh in on how you would use it.

Gamer Assembly had some general thoughts about 4e. Head on over there and weigh in with your own opinions. They’re a new blog, so show them some love!

Rules as UNwritten had some great ideas for challenging players at upper paragon and epic.

We’re not sure how we missed this one, but friends of the podcast Dice of Doom have been developing their own RPG entitled Goblins! Considering the fact that they’ve been sampling an RPG a month for over a year now, we expect the game to be very well thought out. And if there’s a Kickstarter for it, we’ll be sure to post it in the sidebar there.

If you’re looking for a free holiday-themed adventure that doesn’t include a “jolly old elf,” look no further than Skyland Games’ take on “A Christmas Carol.” Instead of taking a break over the holidays, break out the eggnog and dice!

Finally, The RPG Doctor had a great post this week on how to teach D&D in a one-on-one setting. We’ve been thinking a lot recently about one-on-one D&D with experienced players, so this was a great new angle.

Blast From The Past (Weekly Roundup: Big Excel Project)

NewbieDM gave his take on what a 1 player campaign might look like.  While it’s mostly conjecture at this point, we hope he actually tries some of his ideas, and shares that too.

Weekly Roundup: The Deal With The Podcast

If you’re a regular listener to our podcast, you will most certainly have noticed that we haven’t posted one recently. The brief explanation is that Hamblin has been very busy with work, and has been unable to find time to record. No worries though, he should be freed up again around the end of December/beginning of January, and we plan to begin recording a regular podcast again. Until then, we’ll try and get at least one more out. So now you know.

We don’t usually link to ourselves, but in case you missed it, there’s one week left to win a Hirst Arts dice tower.

This article by Summerbird has an idea that’s too good to pass over even though it’s a few weeks old. Remember all those promo cards for games you’ll never play that you got at Gencon? Turns out you shouldn’t have trashed them.

Rules as Unwritten had some great ideas on how to use keywords in 4e. Power keywords like primal, cold, or divine have not been used up to their potential according to the author, and he proposes a truly radical way of using them that could turn your game on its head. (Classless D&D system, anyone?)

Have you been looking for some non-traditional adventure hooks? Check out Dungeon’s Master this week, where they list 10 adventure hooks your characters can find in a library. Lots of great ideas!

If you were a fan of the D&D cartoon from back in the day, you may want to check out the series “bible” which was posted on Geek Flag this week.

The Hydra DM posted a level 30 character as a monster stat block this past week, building on this older article by The ID DM.

Finally, congratulations to Leonine Roar, who just posted their 100th article! Check out their archives when you get a chance, lots of good stuff there!

Blast from the past (Weekly Roundup: Big Week for WotC Edition)

We enjoyed reading about the unique way that Thadeousc over at This Is My Game is running his new campaign.  No, we won’t tell you.  You’ll have to read about it yourself.

Note: We’ve been thinking about trying this for some time now – ideas like this that stick in our head is what makes reading other blogs great!


Weekly Roundup: One Year Old Edition

Roving Band of Misfits turned one year old this week! It almost escaped our notice, but late Thursday night, we realized that it had been exactly a year since our first article. As a way of acknowledging that, we’re going to add a new feature to the Weekly Roundup. Every week, there will be a “Blast From The Past” link – an article from the same Weekly Roundup a year ago. Enjoy!

Apparently, D&D has cheat codes. Yeah, I know, right? Who knew? Check them out over at Dorkly.

 In case you missed it, The Evil GM has been turning Magic: The Gathering cards into 4th Edition D&D monsters. If you’re a fan of both games, this is a fun one to check out.

Back on Free RPG Day, we picked up a copy of the free Dungeon Crawl Classics module. After reading through it, we were intrigued. While neither D&D nor 4e, we thought we’d pass along some leaked adventure covers presented at Grognardia this week.

Rules as Unwritten had some thoughts about item rarity, as well as another way to motivate your players past the 5 minute workday – ideas to make more item powers ramp up with consecutive milestones.

Playing D&D With Porn Stars listed their idea of the perfect elements of sandbox games. Don’t worry, nothing NSFW in this post.

Finally, if you’re a fan of the Fourthcore Team Deathmatch put on by DMG p.42 Actions the Rules Don’t Cover check out some of the news items announced this week, including a play by post option.

Blast From The Past (Weekly Roundup: First Edition)

Sarah Darkmagic had these thoughts, as well as these followup thoughts about ritual use.  We certainly don’t see enough ritual use around our tables for various reasons, and would like to see more.