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DIY Miniatures: The Humble Flumph

Last Thursday, we posted some 4th edition stat blocks for flumphs. Today we’re going to make some flumph minis to go with those stat blocks. A month or so ago, someone on Twitter linked to this WotC forum post. While the Demogorgon is beautiful, I was more intrigued by the flumph miniature posted a little farther down. It looked like a quick and easy project, so I contacted Artsy_Wumpus to write a guest post. I inserted some of my own comments in italics, and took pictures of my own flumph mini as I followed his directions. This is a really good starter project to dip your toe in the miniature making water.

This is the Flumph miniature by Artsy Wumpus

Hey folks, ArtsyWumpus here. Today we’re going to be making a Flumph miniature. I used some Sculpey (which is fairly cheap) to make mine but I assume it would work just as well with green stuff or your choice of polymer clay. I’m fairly cheap so my work tools are usually whatever is lying around, pencils, toothpicks and a hobby knife. I use whatever super glue I can find, I’ve even used vinyl patch glue. Anyway, on to the project. Continue reading

Dungeon Accessories: The Wailing Face

I think one of the most iconic “dungeon accessories” ever (ever!) is the huge demon face from The Tomb of Horrors. Walking into a room that has a huge carved face on one wall is sure to make any character pause.   Is it possible to add something like this to your 3D dungeon setup without dropping a wad of cash on Dwarven Forge’s Wicked Additions?  While making a demonic face may be a bit beyond most people’s sculpting abilities, we can make a pretty good proxy with a bit of Sculpey and an Exacto knife.  Observe: Continue reading