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Weekly Roundup – Big Week for WOTC Edition

Well, everyone over at Wizards of the Coast must have been running around like the proverbial headless chickens this week.  Not only did the new web based character builder come out, but they also announced plans to launch the much-anticipated Virtual TableTop (VTT).  Well, much anticipated for those of us who hadn’t given up on waiting, that is.  By the way, this post won’t cover all the articles addressing those two developments because everyone and their brother wrote one.  Just poke around the D&D blogosphere a bit, you’ll find them.

Robert J. Schwalb showed us how to make our 4th Edition campaign feel more like a “Classic” D&D game.  While we believe there’s something to be said for opening up all options from all books to our players, we also like the idea of thematically restricting options as well.  Try it both ways!

Sly Flourish had a video post on how to make a “glowing crystal” prop for your game table.  It comes together quickly; minimum setup time = maximum awesome!

We also enjoyed reading about the unique way that Thadeousc over at This Is My Game is running his new campaign.  No, we won’t tell you.  You’ll have to read about it yourself.

DM Samuel over at RPG Musings had some ideas to make the transition to Paragon more meaningful for the players.  While we admit that this may not be for everyone, it’s an interesting way to get your players to think about “character downtime.”

Finally, Kobold Quarterly had a fun article about the places to game in Paris.  One store was described as having “one of the coolest gaming room setups I have ever seen.”  Time to plan a trip across the pond!!

Did we miss the article you wrote this week?  Feel free to leave a shameless plug for your D&D blog in the comments!

Weekly Roundup – First Edition

We’re still finding our way around all the 4e blogs out there, so if yours didn’t make the cut, we apologize.  We hope to find you eventually…

Over at DungeonMaster.com, we found an article about the magic item changes coming to LFR.  This was of great interest to us, as we play LFR almost exclusively right now.

Sarah Darkmagic had these thoughts, as well as these followup thoughts about ritual use.  We certainly don’t see enough ritual use around our tables for various reasons, and would like to see more. 

Ben, over at Ben’s RPG Pile showed us how to make a deck of cards for our character powers instead of using a character sheet.  Oh, how we love arts and crafts!!

Speaking of arts and crafts, Mike over at Sly Flourish had some nifty cards to make for those of us who play on the other side of the screen.

Finally, Chris over at Critical Hits wrote a fantastic article about the philosophy of loot.  Or, in his words, “booty.”  Booty.  Hee hee.

Didn’t make the cut?  Please insert shameless plugs pointing at your 4e blog in the comments section below!