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Weekly Roundup: Hirst Model on Ebay Edition

It took us about a month, but we finally have the final model from the Gencon Fourthcore Deathmatch up on Ebay. It didn’t sell at the convention, so now you can get it for a steal – with nowhere to store it, I just want it out of my house. The auction ends in 7 days, so happy bidding! There are a LOT of modular dungeon pieces AND accessories in this model. The auction can be found here.  And a few of the week’s articles can be found here:

We’re pretty much lazy dungeon masters around here, so the article over at Sly Flourish this week was right up our alley. Check it out for some great tips.

Of course, if you’re a lazy PLAYER, you’ll want a copy of the cheat sheets presented by Temporary Hit Points this week.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a game store that is carrying Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium, go pick it up! If you’re not, you’ll have to wait until Sept 20th, and settle for the review over at This Is My Game.

Have kids? Young kids? Maybe it’s time you let your 4 year old DM! That was the gist of the article at Kids Dungeon Adventure this week. 

This one isn’t an article, per se, but we thought it was full of good info that most people would find helpful. It’s a thread on Reddit discussing how to organize your minis, maps, and other RPG accessories.

Finally, the current contests we’re aware of include the Obsidian Portal/D20 Monkey caption contest, and the Flagons and DragonsFlagons High” fantasy toast contest. Check them out!

Do you know of any contests we didn’t list?

Weekly Roundup: 100th Post Giveaway Edition

And the winners to Tuesday’s giveaway are…. James Whistler, Generic Fighter, and Edwin.  In case anyone is wondering how I pick winners, I count the number of entries, and then use random.org to generate random numbers.  Pretty simple, and (as far as I can tell) fair.  Now, some articles from this week:

Over at his own blog, Geek Ken asked an important question that deserves an answer: Where is the WotC support for Gamma World? 

There was lots of talk this week about the errata to Clerics.  Plenty of posts, but we thought we’d point out two: one by The ID DM, and a response by A Walk in the Dark. (p.s. You can find the class updates here)

For those of you who remember WotC hinting at the challenging adventure path they’re releasing, some teaser info was released on their site this week.  We look forward to testing our mettle!

Themes are a fairly new part of 4e D&D, and we were happy to find a good primer over at Temporary Hit Points.  There are a lot of good links to information about themes; if you want to know more, check it out.

Oh, and the Fourthcore Armory droped today over at Save vs. Death. Pick it up, it’s free!!

That’s all for this week kids.  If we missed any really cool articles, leave them in the comments!