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Weekly Roundup: End of Campaign Edition

This past week saw the last session of our two year long campaign.  The group of guys we DM for are all headed off to college.  We were able to finish the story quest that was introduced in the very first session, so we think everyone went away with a bit of closure.  What’s next?  We’re not sure.  Perhaps a Gamma World campaign with another group of high schoolers, and also getting back into playing and DMing LFR with a group that has recently drifted a bit.  Plus, we’re still involved in D&D Encounters.  Here is the week in articles:

Some Space to Think mused upon the differences between 4e and 1e – from a first person perspective.

Omnivoracious‘ “How to Write Betrayal” has some great tips that DMs can use in plotting out a story arc that includes… well, betrayal.

Also, make sure you catch The ID DM‘s article on a psychological experiment that was done in the 1960’s, and how you can incorporate a little bit of morality psychology into your game.

Save Versus Death posted the first of his new mini dungeon modules, Gallery of the Hate Blossom.  Weighing in at four pages, it’s a great mini delve, and we hope to see more mini delves from him and other sources in the near future. (There were also Twitter rumors of Fourthcore one page delves this week)

Finally, did you miss the contest at The Angry DM this week? If you follow us on Twitter, you shouldn’t have. It’s a cool logic puzzle worth trying to solve (and steal) even if you didn’t get your entry in under the deadline. (Answer is here)You can still enter the Illuminerdy contest though, if you’re looking to win stuff.

Weekly Roundup: Totally Unrelated Link Edition

My wife is a food blogger.  She blogs about all the delicious food she makes for me and our family.  I have benefitted greatly from this new hobby of hers, as she is an incredible cook and the blogging only encourages her creativity in the kitchen.  Just like RPG bloggers follow other RPG blogs, my wife follows a lot of food blogs.  Just this last week, she found My Drunk Kitchen, a “food” video blog (you’ll have to watch the videos to see why I put food in quotation marks).  While the videos posted there may not be everyone’s speed, my wife and I find them to be quite hilarious.  Check them out. (As a disclaimer, the host does, in fact, get drunk in every episode, and also uses some “colorful” language from time to time).  And that is your totally unrelated link, as the title suggests.  On to some more appropriate articles….

This week Wizards of the Coast posted a press release, announcing that they had resolved  some rights issues with Atari.  It also announces a delay in the new Neverwinter video game until “late 2012.”

Over at Wired, Geek Dad posted an article on simplifing D&D for kids – don’t miss the PDF at the end of the article for the rules to “DnD-ish.”

The Angry DM posted another article, this time attempting to define “role playing.”  He makes a thought-provoking distinction between “acting” and “roleplaying,” making this one a must read.

Roleplaying Tips blogged about how to get your players to hand you Checkov’s Gun.  If you don’t know what Checkov’s Gun is, you can check out TV Tropes.  Do so at your own peril (and only if you have several hours at your disposal).

Dread Gazebo reviewed the next-to-newest D&D boardgame this week, Conquest of Nerath.  He also included this video on how to play the game, released by Wizards of the Coast this week.

Short list of articles this week, mostly because I don’t expect anyone to remember to come back after they wander over to My Drunk Kitchen and TVTropes.org.

Weekly Roundup – Still No Legion of Gold Edition

 It seems as though pre-ordering something from Amazon, say for example, Legion of Gold, does not guarantee you receipt of said item on or near the relase date.  We are quite disappointed.  Looks like we will have to turn to the blogosphere to sate our desire for “new content”…

While he doesn’t post often, when The Angry DM posts, it’s generally quite prolific.  He sparked a Twitterstorm this week by “Tearing 4e a New One.” Of course the nerd rage was so fierce, he ended up posting an addendum.  Also, be sure to check the pings and trackbacks at the end of the comments for other blogs that followed up with a response! (Like this one, for example…)

Some Space to Think had two good articles this week, one on why you should be unfair to your players (sometimes), and a second clarifying what the author meant by “unfair.”  Thought provoking, and worthy of a read.

Matt Savage over at Rule Zero Blog made a call out to all fans of 4e who are concerned about the direction the game is taking.  Instead of leaving, he argues to make your voice heard in the proper channels, and here’s why. (Spoiler: It has to do with why MTV doesn’t play music anymore.)

We’ve talked before about The Architect DM’s series over at Critical Hits, but we thought we’d bring it up again to make sure you haven’t forgotten about it – this installment is about using negative space in dungeons.  Be sure to check out the old-school dungeons on graph paper he links to over at Boing Boing as well!

Robert J. Schwalb, noted designer for Wizards of the Coast, broke down 10 ways 4e is different than 3.5, and went on to give us his thoughts on them.  If nothing else, it’s an interesting look back at the ways the game has changed.

Which cool articles did we miss this week?  Leave them in the comments!