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Gamma World One Page Dungeon Winner!

gardengang-thumbI am pleased to announce the winner in the Gamma World Deck of Many Things contest! The winner is John Quirk, with his entry “Tangling With The Garden Gang.”

In this delve, the PCs are sent to a labyrinthine garden to recover an artifact stolen from the nearby settlement of Galt. Something about a deck of cards or something. Continue reading

Two Page Mini Delves: The Secret of the Pale Reaver

 This article is part of the May of the Dead blog carnival. For lots (and lots) more May of the Dead goodness, check out Going Last’s carnival page here.

There are a few things that I’m trying out with this two page delve. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not I was successful. Of all the two page delves I’ve made thus far, this was the one I really wish I could have playtested and tweaked. Unfortunately, this was not an option. So even if you don’t think the delve would work out for your group as presented, at the very least this will hopefully be a starting point for ideas.

I tried out an isometric view when I made the map. It turns out that isometric dungeons are quite easy to make, as long as you have some isometric graph paper. You can print out isometric graph paper for free online; I used at 1/4″ grid. I also drew the map with a 6B pencil instead of the usual black gel pen. You’ll have to let me know if you like the look better or worse than the cleaner lines of a pen.

And of course this is my first shot at horror. There isn’t really a way to “win” this delve, only a way to survive. Many players might not like that. I tried to incorporate advice on horror writing that I’ve found in various places – I’ve used lots of foreshadowing before the final “encounter” and included advice for the DM to generate suspense during the delve.

The map for this dungeon is an exact replica of the Fat Dragon Games “Sea Dragon” model, which I talked about last week. You certainly don’t need the model to run the delve, but if you want a 3D representation on the table, that’s where you can get one.

 You can download the mini delve here.

The Pale Reaver

Two Page Mini Delves: Dwarven Museum Of Moriah

This is a conversion of my entry in the One Page Dungeon Contest into a 4th Ed. specific Two Page Mini Delve.

I haven’t really added too much. I added some hooks for the DM to use both before and after the delve. These have become features of all my mini delves. I also added the standard stuff – skills and DCs, and a few combat specifics. Plus rules for a collapsing ceiling ported mostly from the Escape From The Badder Warren mini delve I did last year. Continue reading

Two Page Mini Delves: Lair of the Lifedrinker

There hasn’t been a two page mini delve in a while. I know. I’ve actually been working on a dungeon for the WotC contest (ending tomorrow!), and the one page dungeon contest, both of which I will turn into two page delves eventually. But for now, here is one to tide you over. The map is my own handiwork, but was inspired by this map over at Dyson’s Dodecahedron (formerly A Character For Every Game). What is new and exciting in this delve? A lot! Continue reading

Two Page Mini Delves: The Crystal Heart of Heldenfrost

This two page mini delve is a guest post by Clayton McFarland. He contacted me a few weeks ago about making one, and I was interested to see what someone else might do with the format. He made his own map, and came up with a really cool dungeon delve that’s very much in line with old school delves. I’m excited to try it out, and we’d love to hear feedback in the comments from others of you who decide to use it! And now here’s Clayton in his own words:

Continue reading

Two Page Mini Delves: The Cave of Crystals

I have to admit that I had quite a bit of difficulty with this mini adventure. I love the map, and had some vague ideas for it, but for the longest time couldn’t quite make those vague ideas into something that was concrete and cohesive. I even consulted with Alphastream on plot ideas, as I wanted to include his flumphs in the adventure. Though you may not see his influence (beyond the flumphs, of course), I’m sure he will see how I incorporated some of his ideas. In the end, I think it came together nicely. Continue reading

Two Page Mini Delves: Escape From The Badder Warren

It’s been a while since I posted a Two Page Mini Delve. This one is from an idea I had back when I was comparing the original Gamma World adventures to their new counterparts. I’ve actually been sitting on this particular one for about a month now; I didn’t want to post it before I ran my players through it. That’s right, Sunday was the first session of my new Gamma World campaign (sort of), and it all started with them tied up in the dark with no equipment. Continue reading

Two Page Mini Delves: Workshop of the Mad Alchemist

I have to admit, I’ve been having a lot of fun designing these mini adventures.  I take a lot of inspiration from the maps themselves; because I am not the person who draws the maps, I am left to imagine what each room is all about.  I do my best to let the map stand on its own without changing anything, but instead view each map’s little oddities as a challenge to make the story fit the picture.

This particular delve breaks from the norm a bit, in that I have included a full combat encounter rather than the usual “smash and grab” combat.  I’ve also designed a few small powers that will make the monsters unique in order to help DMs who want to reskin something.  Finally, I’ve tried my hand at designing a new alchemical item.  While the majority of players don’t give the Alchemy feat a second look, there are some good clues that only a character with this feat will discern.  Plus, even if no one has the feat, there’s still some Plantmind Potion to loot!

I should note that the plot hook outlined in the delve is not a hook per se – it’s more of a location that the PCs stumble across.  Of course, you can certainly send them in search of the Dark One’s altar or the whereabouts of the Mad Alchemist if you so desire.

The map for this delve was designed by Dyson Logos of A Character for Every Game.

You can download the mini delve here.

Two Page Mini Delves: The Deepwood Memorial

This is my second two page mini delve (the first is here).  I may even get around to linking them as a series in my article series page.  Also, I’m working on a FAQ.  It’s not done yet, so if there are any questions, please post them in the comments.

This mini delve is an entry in a contest over at lapsus calumni that ended yesterday. I thought I would also share the map and delve here because the last mini delve seems to have been popular.

For a while I’ve been wanting to do a delve revolving around a memorial.  Memorials are common in our world, but I can’t remember my characters ever coming across one in a campaign.  They’re often made of stone or some similar durable substance, so they lend themselves to both a dungeon feel, and agelessness.  In fact, this particular memorial is so ageless as to have been forgotten by all but some long dead vandals.  Oh, and there may also be an Owlbear who has taken up residence there, though that rumor is totally unsubstantiated.  And yes, for those of you keeping track at home, that is at least three distinct levels of history in this particluar “dungeon.”  I hope you enjoy The Deepwood Memorial, especially the new curse and trap I’ve designed.

You can download the mini delve here.

Please note that if you were one of my Twitter followers who downloaded this mini delve on Sunday as a preview, I’ve made some minor tweaks since.  (That’s right, if you followed me on Twitter, you would have gotten an early look at this)

Also, it will help to have Sly Flourish’s DM Cheat Sheet handy. (We don’t like to reinvent the wheel…)

Comments and feedback are appreciated!

Two Page Mini Delves: The Crypt of Titch

This article is (potentially) part of a new series where I give experienced DMs a two page,  fully fleshed out delve that can easily be dropped into any campaign, at any level.

If you follow the Weekly Roundup, you know that I’ve mentioned the Dungeon Geomorph Dice a few times. One of the artists who contributed to the dice, Dyson Logos, has his own blog where he frequently posts hand drawn maps without any real background or adventure attached.  In fact, there are several such artists out there, drawing maps for fun.  These maps, I decided, need a purpose.  I wanted to create something small and easy for DMs to drop into their campaign, and I wanted it to be usable by as many people as possible.  (Here is the original post in which Dyson presents the map I’ve used for this delve.)

My philosophy behind the two page delve is simple: create something ultra simple that anyone can drop into their campaign.  Keep it to two pages (or less): one page holds the map, background, and room by room description, while the second page holds any stat blocks necessary.  As you will see in a moment, those stat blocks will generally only be traps or diseases, not monsters.

Here’s the semi-revolutionary part

The adventure is meant to be level agnostic, so all I’ve listed for combat encounters is the “reskin name,” monster type, and special attacks (if any) you may want to add.  Listing the monster type will allow you to steal and reskin a similar monster of the appropriate level from any of the monster manuals (or use this if you want to quickly level up something on the fly). In the future, I may include the “quick and dirty” level adjuster, but for now I want to see how it goes over.  The adventure background is vague, but complete (no, that’s not a contradiction, I swear) and contains enough gaps to fit into your setting and allow for some embellishment.  If this particular adventure is well-received, I will do more (I may even start making my own maps).

 This is a very simple delve – there are only two combats and a trap, and they are meant to be fast and furious.  The point of the delve is twofold: for the PCs to find the weapon that they are looking for, and also to discover the “dirty secret” that the father had been hiding.  I hope you enjoy; you can download the delve here.
EDIT: The PDF has been updated (8/22/11) to reflect a somewhat cleaner format, and a few small tweaks based on feedback.

This is a working project that I am actively seeking feedback on.  Please leave comments.  Is this something you would find useful?  Too vague? Requires too much DM prep?  What would you add/subtract?  What’s unclear?  Almost any feedback is welcome!