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Two Page Mini Delves: The Crypt of Titch

This article is (potentially) part of a new series where I give experienced DMs a two page,  fully fleshed out delve that can easily be dropped into any campaign, at any level.

If you follow the Weekly Roundup, you know that I’ve mentioned the Dungeon Geomorph Dice a few times. One of the artists who contributed to the dice, Dyson Logos, has his own blog where he frequently posts hand drawn maps without any real background or adventure attached.  In fact, there are several such artists out there, drawing maps for fun.  These maps, I decided, need a purpose.  I wanted to create something small and easy for DMs to drop into their campaign, and I wanted it to be usable by as many people as possible.  (Here is the original post in which Dyson presents the map I’ve used for this delve.)

My philosophy behind the two page delve is simple: create something ultra simple that anyone can drop into their campaign.  Keep it to two pages (or less): one page holds the map, background, and room by room description, while the second page holds any stat blocks necessary.  As you will see in a moment, those stat blocks will generally only be traps or diseases, not monsters.

Here’s the semi-revolutionary part

The adventure is meant to be level agnostic, so all I’ve listed for combat encounters is the “reskin name,” monster type, and special attacks (if any) you may want to add.  Listing the monster type will allow you to steal and reskin a similar monster of the appropriate level from any of the monster manuals (or use this if you want to quickly level up something on the fly). In the future, I may include the “quick and dirty” level adjuster, but for now I want to see how it goes over.  The adventure background is vague, but complete (no, that’s not a contradiction, I swear) and contains enough gaps to fit into your setting and allow for some embellishment.  If this particular adventure is well-received, I will do more (I may even start making my own maps).

 This is a very simple delve – there are only two combats and a trap, and they are meant to be fast and furious.  The point of the delve is twofold: for the PCs to find the weapon that they are looking for, and also to discover the “dirty secret” that the father had been hiding.  I hope you enjoy; you can download the delve here.
EDIT: The PDF has been updated (8/22/11) to reflect a somewhat cleaner format, and a few small tweaks based on feedback.

This is a working project that I am actively seeking feedback on.  Please leave comments.  Is this something you would find useful?  Too vague? Requires too much DM prep?  What would you add/subtract?  What’s unclear?  Almost any feedback is welcome!