Two Page Mini Delves: The Deepwood Memorial

This is my second two page mini delve (the first is here).  I may even get around to linking them as a series in my article series page.  Also, I’m working on a FAQ.  It’s not done yet, so if there are any questions, please post them in the comments.

This mini delve is an entry in a contest over at lapsus calumni that ended yesterday. I thought I would also share the map and delve here because the last mini delve seems to have been popular.

For a while I’ve been wanting to do a delve revolving around a memorial.  Memorials are common in our world, but I can’t remember my characters ever coming across one in a campaign.  They’re often made of stone or some similar durable substance, so they lend themselves to both a dungeon feel, and agelessness.  In fact, this particular memorial is so ageless as to have been forgotten by all but some long dead vandals.  Oh, and there may also be an Owlbear who has taken up residence there, though that rumor is totally unsubstantiated.  And yes, for those of you keeping track at home, that is at least three distinct levels of history in this particluar “dungeon.”  I hope you enjoy The Deepwood Memorial, especially the new curse and trap I’ve designed.

You can download the mini delve here.

Please note that if you were one of my Twitter followers who downloaded this mini delve on Sunday as a preview, I’ve made some minor tweaks since.  (That’s right, if you followed me on Twitter, you would have gotten an early look at this)

Also, it will help to have Sly Flourish’s DM Cheat Sheet handy. (We don’t like to reinvent the wheel…)

Comments and feedback are appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Two Page Mini Delves: The Deepwood Memorial

  1. Christian from Loviatar

    Superb entry! I really enjoyed the fact that throughout the adventure you demonstrated the pain and deep wounds that resulted from the elven civil war. There are layers to the adventure that go far beyond a simple dungeon delve. Well done!

  2. DMD

    Really great. Used this one as a side quest which helped introduce my players to a few more elements of our home brew campaign world. The players got a kick out of the magical headbands that provided the self guided tour info. The Owlbear encounter was fantastic. I added an Ochre Jelly in the Green General’s Tomb to spice things up a little in the combat department. It was a funny moment when it ended up being the Paladin to be the one to open the King’s Sarcophogous and get cursed – he did not care about losing proficiency in Thieves Tools one bit!

    Thank you!


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