Two Page Mini Delves: Dwarven Museum Of Moriah

This is a conversion of my entry in the One Page Dungeon Contest into a 4th Ed. specific Two Page Mini Delve.

I haven’t really added too much. I added some hooks for the DM to use both before and after the delve. These have become features of all my mini delves. I also added the standard stuff – skills and DCs, and a few combat specifics. Plus rules for a collapsing ceiling ported mostly from the Escape From The Badder Warren mini delve I did last year.

I think the biggest addition to the delve was the Minor Sphere of Annihilation. There does exist a Sphere of Annihilation in two similar forms already, and you are welcome to use the official rules for it. However, I wanted something very powerful and very dangerous for the PCs to play with that didn’t require an “attuned talisman.” I thought a difficult Arcana check should do the trick instead. So, a character can take control of the otherwise unattended sphere and move it around, but if they lose control of it…. well, it wouldn’t be good to lose control of it. I wouldn’t recommend losing control.

You can download the delve here.


2 thoughts on “Two Page Mini Delves: Dwarven Museum Of Moriah

    1. Benoit Post author

      Thanks! Yeah, no one has to take the background writeup for these two page delves as “official.” If using another history for the location works for you, go for it.


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