Two Page Mini Delves: The Crystal Heart of Heldenfrost

This two page mini delve is a guest post by Clayton McFarland. He contacted me a few weeks ago about making one, and I was interested to see what someone else might do with the format. He made his own map, and came up with a really cool dungeon delve that’s very much in line with old school delves. I’m excited to try it out, and we’d love to hear feedback in the comments from others of you who decide to use it! And now here’s Clayton in his own words:

Hello out there!
This is my first ever attempt at writing something to post for other DM’s to see.  I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing.  Although I found writing adventures in this format to be very challenging, I think at the end I was starting to figure it out.

My primary goal was to find a way to take the current arc in my home campaign, and turn it into something that others can use (hence the drow war party in the hook), and I wanted to play with a fun mechanic for the ‘boss fight’. I’m hoping the mechanics for the boss room work, and that I have explained my idea clearly enough.  It worked really well for me, but then again, I already knew how I wanted it to run.

Anyway, if the folks here are willing to accept it, I will certainly prepare more of these two-page delves.  The experience was very rewarding, and they will only get better from here!

– Clay

You can download the mini delve here.

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