Two Page Mini Delves: Workshop of the Mad Alchemist

I have to admit, I’ve been having a lot of fun designing these mini adventures.  I take a lot of inspiration from the maps themselves; because I am not the person who draws the maps, I am left to imagine what each room is all about.  I do my best to let the map stand on its own without changing anything, but instead view each map’s little oddities as a challenge to make the story fit the picture.

This particular delve breaks from the norm a bit, in that I have included a full combat encounter rather than the usual “smash and grab” combat.  I’ve also designed a few small powers that will make the monsters unique in order to help DMs who want to reskin something.  Finally, I’ve tried my hand at designing a new alchemical item.  While the majority of players don’t give the Alchemy feat a second look, there are some good clues that only a character with this feat will discern.  Plus, even if no one has the feat, there’s still some Plantmind Potion to loot!

I should note that the plot hook outlined in the delve is not a hook per se – it’s more of a location that the PCs stumble across.  Of course, you can certainly send them in search of the Dark One’s altar or the whereabouts of the Mad Alchemist if you so desire.

The map for this delve was designed by Dyson Logos of A Character for Every Game.

You can download the mini delve here.

3 thoughts on “Two Page Mini Delves: Workshop of the Mad Alchemist

  1. Mikey_Likes_It

    Hello! I just found out about your site through Stuffershack, and I must say that I’m loving everything you’re putting up! I’m especially excited about the mini-delves. Keep up the great work!


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