Weekly Roundup – Game Design Challenge Edition

Recently, we were browsing the interwebs, and stumbled across The Thousand Year Game design challenge. It piqued our interest, as we have a (non-RPG) game that we were developing at one point, but eventually shelved it for lack of time.  Time to dust off the notes, and finish it!

Let’s kick things off with a post by NewbieDM wondering where his group’s 4e burnout is coming from.  He has a theory, though we’re not sure that complexity, from the player’s side, has changed that much since the last edition.

You should also check out the “Anti-Defender” rant over at The Dungeon’s Master.  We’ll note that this is a guest post – at any rate, feel free to weigh in with your thoughts.

Dave the Game over at Critical Hits had such great things to say about Mage: The Ascension, that we wanted to get our hands on a copy just to see what all the love was about.

Points of Light was one of the many places talking about D&D’s upcoming “Fortune Cards,” which will function something like Gamma World’s alpha mutation cards, or if you remember them, the living campaigns’ rewards cards.

Alex Schroeder pointed us to a few options for creating a campaign wiki, and gave us a few reasons why we should start one.

Finally, Blog of Holding posted some unofficial Gamma World errata.  Check out what they think is broken about the game.  They have stuff from both the basic set and the Famine in Far-Go expansion. 

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