Weekly Roundup – Changes to the Podcast Edition

Now, don’t let the title worry you.  The podcast isn’t going anywhere.  We have too much fun to cancel it.  We have been discussing an “every other week, unless we feel like more” schedule, so don’t be surprised if that happens.  There will definitely be a new episode tomorrow; if you need your fix, keep an eye out for that.  Also, read some of these D&D articles:

We don’t usually link to the WoTC articles, but every once in a while one tickles our fancy enough to include it.  Check out Chris Perkins’ latest article on making your villans truly villanous.  Best advice out there: actions speak louder than words.  Learn it, do it.

This is a little outside our 1 week time frame, but over at Standard Action, we found some cool arts and crafts.  Our favorite part of this article was the super easy “crystal formation” made out of sculpey and plastic “crystals,” with an optional light for extra effect.  Kudos! We now have a trip to the craft store planned this weekend!

Neuroglyph Games had a thought-provoking article on character optimization.  Agree or disagree?  Leave them a comment!  (We do see his point, though we wish he would have also addressed living campaigns)

Of course, Critical Hits always has fun articles to talk about, but we especially enjoyed Shawn Merwin’s contribution this week on whether 4e can be Old School D&D.  Would you want it to be? Can it be? Is old school D&D really what you remember it to be, or did you have your gamer goggles on?  Ok, so maybe he doesn’t answer all these questions, but they’re worth thinking about, no?

Finally, Glimm’s Workshop had another insallment of the Cinematic Objectives series.  If you missed the rest of the series, check that out too…

Well, that’s all we had time for this week, though it doesn’t mean that we caught all the good content out there, not by a long stretch.  Leave the articles we missed in the comments!  (Seriously.  C’mon.  Someone, just once…)

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