Weekly Roundup – Spoooooky Edition

Today is Halloween, so obviously we have candy on my mind.  Yeah, we’re too old to go trick or treating, but we’ll never be too old to steal the kids’ candy after they go to bed. 

Lately, we’ve been using Starburst as minions.  In case you’ve never seen this before, whoever kills it, eats it.

Kicking off our Spoooooky Edition, Vanir over at Critical Hits gave a nod to the holiday by talking about childhood nightmares, and adding horror to your game.  Shawn Merwin also wrote a Critical Hits article about the merits of playing with strangers.

The Dread Gazebo and Save Vs. Death teamed up to give us part one of some deadly new traps.  Our favorite part?  His inspiration for the trap – Mario Bros.

Ryven of At-Will wrote a killer new piece in his “Serious Skills” series.  The topic?  Heal.  We’d suggest catching yourself up on all the previous installments as well.

Finally, Aaron over at Phelanar’s Den gave us the perfect “wishlist vs. random treasure” hybrid system for doling out the goodies to the trick or trea…. I mean the party.

Your blog didn’t make the cut?  Feel free to post shameless plugs in the comments!

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