Where to get Gamma World Miniatures: Monsters & A Wrap-Up

I have to say, when I started this series back in February, I had no idea it would take me into July! In fact, I originally thought that suggesting miniatures for specific origins would fit into one post. Really, go back and read the introduction.  Before I bring the series to a close, however, I wanted to tie up a few loose ends.  First, what good is it to have perfect PC minis on the board if there aren’t at least semi-appropriate monster minis?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to start a new series on Gamma World Monster Miniatures.  No, not even if you want me to.

If you’re looking for monsters, there is a great thread over at the Wizards of the Coast forums for that.  Plus, not only are suggestions for monsters, but there are also great suggestions for PCs as well, including some we didn’t mention in the series.

Second, I wanted to briefly explain why some origins didn’t get chosen for their own article.  Many origins (Mind Coercer, for example) do not manifest themselves as a specific physical form.  I’ve marked these origins “NSP.” In these cases, your appearance is either informed by your other origin, or simply “humanoid.” (We did cover humanoid minis in a previous installment.)  Other origins (Pyrokinetic, for example) manifest themselves as a minor part of the PC’s general appearance.  I’ve marked these origins “PNT.”  In these cases, applying paint in the appropriate areas is the way to go. Finally, there are a few origins (Reanimated, for example) where I thought the choices were obvious or too numerous to cite. I’ve marked these origins “OBV.”

Here are the origins we didn’t cover, and why.  In some cases, we’ve also listed places you can look to find appropriate miniatures.

Android – PNT I always think of androids as looking human, not metallic, though you could just paint a human mini a metallic color.  Pulp City miniatures also has a mini called “Androidia.”  If you want more robot, and less human, check out the Star Wars droids minis.
Antimatter Blaster – NSP
Cryokinetic – NSP, PNT
Doppelganger – NSP
Ectoplasmic – PNT, OBV
Electrokinetic – NSP
Empath – NSP
Engineered Human – OBV
Entropic – NSP
Exploding – NSP
Giant – OBV Half-giant and Goliath minis are a good place to start with this origin.
Gravity Controller – NSP
Hyprecognitive – NSP
Magnetic – NSP
Mind Breaker – NSP
Mind Coercer – NSP
Mythic – NSP
Nightmare – NSP If you want a truly horrific appearance, sift through the Dreamblade miniatures.
Photonic – NSP
Plaguebearer – NSP
Plastic – NSP Old Glory Miniatures has quite a few Plastic type minis in their Superfigs and New Superfigs lines.
Prescient – NSP
Pyrokinetic - NSP, PNT
Radioactive – NSP, PNT Pulp City miniatures has a few “radioactive” minis.
Reanimated – OBV
Reanimator – NSP
Regenerator - NSP
Seismic – NSP
Shapeshifter – NSP
Speedster – NSP
Telekinetic – NSP
Temporal – NSP
Vampiric – OBV

A few final notes.  I will be going back sometime after Gencon and rearranging the earlier lists to “Painted/Unpainted” categories rather than my originial “Primary/Secondary” categories.  And speaking of going back to the older articles, there were often times when I came across good miniatures for an origin that I had already covered.  In these cases, I went back and added the mini to the article; if you go through the older articles, you may find something that wasn’t there before.  I intend to keep adding to the lists in this way as I keep coming across good Gamma World miniatures.

I think that’s about it, thanks again for reading this series!

3 thoughts on “Where to get Gamma World Miniatures: Monsters & A Wrap-Up

  1. Jay

    Even though some of the links are broken, I still use this as my main guide for finding Gamma World minis! It’s super helpful–and now that I’m on the hunt for them again, it’s an invaluable resource. Thanks Brian!

    1. Brian Benoit Post author

      Thanks! Yeah, there’s way too many links for me to keep up with which ones are still around. Hopefully these articles at least give you some good ideas!


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